Total Fitness Challenge Results

     First and foremost, the challenge was a huge success, as everyone who participated improved their personal bests at each event dramatically over the five week span of the contest.  The challenge was designed with total fitness in mind, with strength, endurance, core stability and healthy competition as a focus. There were 29 female and 14 male competitors.
Women’s Top Scores:
Stability Ball Press- Cami H.- 100
45 Degree Ring Row- Cami H.- 126
Stability Ball Plank- Cami H.- 6:10
1/2 Mile Run- Susan M- 3:33
Women’s Top Ten (Final Rank/Total Points)
1- Cami Hafner (9)
2- Nicole Lafser (14)
3 Tied- Shannon Johnson (17)
3 Tied-Susan Marcos (17)
5- Jody Blanton (22)
6- Michelle Clark (24)
7 Tied- Carissa Allen (28)
7 Tied- Beth Pirtle (28)
9- Kim Kropp (33)
10- Alexis Eldridge (34)
Men’s Top Scores
Stability Ball Press- Mike C./Scott G.- 55
45 Degree Ring Pull- Mike C.- 80
Stability Ball Plank- Scott G.- 4:30
1/2 Mile Run- Anthony L.- 2:46
Men’s Top 5 Scores (Final Rank/Total Points)
1- Mike Clark (7)
2- Scott Gietl (9)
3- Anthony Ledwon (10)
4- Dale Witte (14)
5- Jeff Lamb (21)
Thanks again to all who pushed themselves a little further every week and challenged themselves to better their own fitness level. Stay tuned for information on the Total Fitness Challenge II!