Post workout nutrition

Post workout nutrition is an oft neglected but vitally important aspect of fitness training.  Following a strenuous resistance training or cardiovascular workout, an exercisers body is “starving” for energy replacement through the form of glycogen (sugar) that helps repair the tissue damaged during exercise.  Therefore, a fast burning, high glycemic carbohydrate (dextrose, table sugar, sugar in energy drinks, certain high glycemic fruits) are perfect for post workout nutrition.
Proteins, the “building block” of muscle, are the second component to post workout nutrition.  Because of the immediate need for the amino acids in the protein to begin the reparation process on the damaged tissue, a fast digesting source of protein is optimal (whey protein isolate, whey protein mixes).
Often called the “window of opportunity”, this thirty minute segment of time just following a workout is a prime opportunity to replenish and arm your body with the nutrients it needs to repair and ultimately improve.
Matt and Angie Nation- Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Staff