The importance of THR in cardiovascular / aerobic training.

THR stands for target heart rate.  A persons THR is defined by their fitness goal and what they are trying to accomplish with their cardio training.
To figure your proper target heart rate, a goal must be defined (i.e. body fat loss, cardio endurance, etc.) where age and fitness level figure in to the appropriate heart rate range for you.
Without knowing your range, your time spent on cardio training becomes inefficient, and sometimes counter productive.  The best and most common example is exercisers training well below their THR for their defined goal.  Training at a 115-120 HR range when your THR should be 140-145 is inefficient and will prolong your time in attaining your goal.
Training in your goal-appropriate zone will ensure that you are, for example, utilizing tissue (body fat) as energy and not lean body mass.  Understanding the importance of THR training can save a trainee time and frustration when attempting to achieve a fitness goal.
Angie Nation- Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Staff