Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Personal Trainer?

Are you someone who still thinks that a personal trainer is there primarily to teach you how to use the machines and dumbbells in the gym/studio?  Of course, teaching proper form and safety when using exercise machines and resistance equipment is part of’ a personal trainer’s role, their job responsibilities go far beyond that.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are still not aware of the total fitness resource available to them when working with a personal trainer.
An experienced, educated trainer will examine all fitness related aspects of your lifestyle while listening to and clarifying your personal fitness goals.  Your personal trainer is your support group except that the fitness plan they design is specifically for you, no broad weight loss/exercise programs designed to meet the needs of large groups of people.  They are there to provide information and motivation in the areas of fitness that are most appropriate to you.  Whether you’re looking to build strength with a comprehensive resistance, core training, or if your goals are focused towards weight loss and cardio exercise design, most personal trainers have the experience and resources to assist you in getting real results.
What I love most about being a personal trainer is whether I’m working with clients one-on-one or in a partner setting, there is always improvement in one’s overall sense of well being.  Not only do clients see steady physical results from their fitness program, but in many cases there is immediate stress reduction which comes, not only after incorporating exercise into one’s routine, but from the coaching relationship that is formed with any good personal trainer.
The best part about working with a personal trainer is that there are no long lines to wait in to get time with your trainer.  You won’t be interacting with an impersonal computer screen  that is attempting to direct you towards success with little or no accountability.  You won’t have to hope that your personal trainer will talk about and provide resolutions to challenges that you are facing at any particular time.  Your trainer  can  provide you with the training, resources and motivation you need to make your goals a reality now.
Beth Pirtle