Trading Places

Trading Places… The Trainer becomes the Trainee


The decision:  I once saw a quote on a shirt that said “To be the best, you have to be a little crazy.”  I tried to live up to that motto, partially, but this time, I think I hit the nail on the head.  I, like any male or female, hit a bump in my regimen…   In the process of leaving 24 Hour Fitness to come to work at Emerge, my stress levels went up and down like a rollercoaster.  I had a lot of changes in my life, and I put my personal workouts to the side.   I’ve had a few week spurts when I will become a raging fitness-addict, but then something would come up and knock me off track.  Even though I’m a trainer who can push clients thru very tough (some even say insane) sessions, I would still have a hard time dragging myself onto the floor to lift weights.  We trainers are human, we have our funks too.  So, I decided to “man up” (this is a popular phrase with me, ask my clients), and get someone to put a fire under my butt and get me going.  I’m a 26 year old female, and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be killing it in the gym, even if it was by someone else. 

The crazy part: I asked Matt Pirtle to be my trainer.  Here’s what I’m a little worried about… Matt likes to come up with some pretty crazy stuff.  After seeing his clients go thru them, it gives me a little fuel to produce something just as creative for my victims (as Mr. Nelson like to call them).  WHICH MEANS> we use each other exercises to create some “sick” workouts… See where I’m going with this? I have a feeling my “creative-crazy” exercises are going to come back 360 degrees and bite me in the butt… He’s going to make me do some of my own crazy “ideas”.  So here I’m thinking “Way to go Kim, you just dug your own grave… by using not a shovel, but a backhoe.”   

After talking with Pirtle this afternoon, we decided that it would be an “interesting” idea for me to log, or “Blog”, my workout and weight progression for everyone to see.  I may end up regretting this later. On a positive side, everyone will get to see how even a trainer can benefit from personal training. 

My “1st session” with Matt begins tomorrow, April 22nd at 9am.  We are going over cardio (ugh), diet (oh no), and measurements (oh crud).  I’m not saying that they are bad now, however, being a trainer, you feel like they should always be better.  Some trainers (including me) have this mentality that image is everything in our business, and in a way, it is a big part to what attracts others to want to train with us.  It’s common to hear a client say “I want to look like (name)” or “I want (name)’s arms or legs”.   I’m dreading being faced with the fact that I have been slacking.  My numbers written down are going to be the proof and the antidote that I need to get back on track.  As we farm kids say, I’m just going to “grab the bull by the balls” and put 100% into it.

I hope my “blogs” can give you an insight on the ups and downs even a trainer can have, and I hope it can bring you some motivation (as well as some laughs).  Please leave any comments, questions, and advice (especially if you are already one of Pirtle’s clients).     

Until tomorrow,
             Kimberly, Emerge Fitness Staff