Trading Places… Day 1… Reality Check

Trading Places…   Day 1… Reality check

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one” –Albert Einstein

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, and after a not so great night of sleep, I got up and headed to the gym for my “first session” with Matt.  I walk into Emerge, put my stuff away, and as I sit down at the desk, I realize it is official.  I must now accept that I am now Matt Pirtle’s latest client.  The manila folder lying in front of me with “Kimberly Renoud” in big, bold, blue PERMANENT marker just sealed the deal.  And of course Matt just adds to it by sitting behind the desk with a big grin on his face.  Maybe it was the look of apprehension on my face or the fact that he already had visions of me hanging upside down on the rings by my feet doing crunches, I’m not sure, but the smile definitely made me even more uneasy.

The Official Transcript

The Official Transcript




The session didn’t start off so bad, we went over my goals.  I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to achieve in my workouts.  The only thing I could think of right off the bat was that I wanted to wear those stupid Armani jeans I bought nearly two years ago…

"The Jeans"

"The Jeans"


Let me vent for a moment… I love jeans.  If I’m not in gym clothes, I’m wearing denim.  Back in June of 2007, I was in KC and I found myself in the Armani store.  I found a REALLY cute pair… ON SALE…  If you know me, I never pass up a bargain on something really cute.  Frugal, I like to call it.  Anyways, they only had two pair left, one being a zero or something ridiculously small, and a size 6, perfect! I always wear size 6 jeans… So I went to try them on and I’m all giddy thinking I just found a great buy.   As I start to zip them up, a problem occurred.  They were tight… Size 6 jeans were never tight on me!  SO, me, being a trainer, and my best friend Matt, (my former trainer), convinced myself that I’d just lose a couple of pounds and they’d fit fine, no big deal.  I’m a trainer; it should be easy; yeah, so much for that.  For two years now Matt and my poor clients have heard me growl and curse these darn things.  Anytime I mention working out, I would hear “Let me guess, you are still trying to fit in those jeans.”  I think they found it humorous. I could even believe some of them placing bets on when I’d actually fit into them.  Anyways, back to today’s session.

It was the time that I had dreaded, weight and measurements.  The bad news, the results show that I’m what we like to call “skinny fat,” which means even though I’m little; my body fat percentage is still pretty high.  The good news is that I can hide it pretty well, however everything is about to change.   I hopped on the scale, (making sure I wore shorts and a light t-shirt, because I needed all the help I could get) and the scale stopped at 142.8 lbs.  I knew that my weight was going up, so not a big shocker there.  Next Matt took my caliper skinfold measurement.  The results showed that I contain 28% body fat.  Forty pounds of my body was all fat.  Picking up a 40lb dumbbell and knowing that much weight on me is pure fat sure puts things into perspective!  When I saw the number written on paper, my stomach dropped.   I had a blank stare as Pirtle was trying to be positive and reassure me that these were just the beginning numbers and that from here on, those numbers would drop.  It sure is different hearing it come out of my mouth to a client than another trainer telling this to me.  That number really made me reflect how much I had been slacking and how easy it is to fall out of sync and gain body fat.  This was my rock bottom, but trying to be optimistic, I look at this being the beginning of only getting better from here. 

After setting up a menu plan for me and gearing up my cardio and resistance training, I left our session very humbled.  I decided to get in my cardio before I had to work in the afternoon, no like the present, ya know?  After thirty minutes on the elliptical I headed off to Trader Joes to pick up some of the items I need for my menu plan.  Normally, if I’m in the area at lunch or dinner time, I will swing by Chipolte and get myself my fajita burrito… If you haven’t tried it, I must say it is quite FANTASTIC.  Today was a new day, a new start, so after getting groceries, I immediately headed to my car and headed back towards St. Charles before I could change my mind.  I think someone up above decided to have a little sense of humor and had “The Point” radio station play “Loser,” by Beck on my drive back.  I must admit, I kind of laughed about it.

It’s now 9pm, and I’m out of meals to eat. I started following my diet the moment I received it.  I even tried to be a little crazy and attempt to fix shrimp for dinner.  I don’t cook… I don’t even really grill.  Not to mention, I’ve never attempted to fix shrimp or really any seafood for that matter.  I’m a farm girl; I come from a grass fed cattle farm.  We didn’t do fish or seafood growing up.  BUT once again, I figured why not, I will try something different.   After some assistance from Matt and a client of mine, I broiled them.  Let’s just say that I’m going back to red meat tomorrow.    I had told Matt that the diet wasn’t going to be so bad.  His reply “So she says on Day 1.”  He was right.   This was just day one.   I don’t train with Matt until Friday, so it’s me, my menu plan and cardio until then.  Let the games begin!


Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness Staff