Giving Into the "Not Bad, It Could Have Been Worse" Mentality

I’m guilty.
It has happened, on occasion, when I have let a client down by uttering these words…
“Not bad, it could have been worse,”  or something equally irresponsible.
There is a temptation, if you are a trainer (or person) like me to keep clients happy, motivated, and willing to continue their fitness journey by giving into and allowing performances below potential or lagging will-powers.
This, in fact, will not help but will definitely hurt a client in the long run.
Not to say that an unbridled onslought of hard truths is the only way to go, but sugar coating a sub-standard performance will only sanction that behavior and make it harder to break it in the long run.
If a client reports a weekly diet  that includes several slip-ups and follows  with “it could have been worse,” the responsiblity of a good trainer is to graciously agree and then very candidly point out where it could have been MUCH BETTER.  If the prescribed cardiovascualr routine for a given week calls for 4 sessions, and only 2 were completed, a reality check on that clients goals and how badly they want to acheive them is warranted.
Cut it in the bud.
I am speaking through experience as I find myself continually tempted to let clients off the hook.  This is good for NO ONE.
Bottom line, do what you say you are going to do.
Clients, that means making every effort to stick to the agreed upon fitness regimin.
Trainers, that means keeping your word that you will be accountable to that person’s goals by keeping them accountable for their behavior.
Matt Pirtle
Emerge Fitness