Trading Places: Workout #1

“What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger… But that doesn’t mean I won’t be cranky along the way!”–Me

Pirtle was checking my Deadlift form

Pirtle was checking my Deadlift form




For those of you who don’t know, the core contains 29 muscles.  At this moment, I could point each of them out on me because every one of them hurt.

Today was my first workout.  After shoving in my entire breakfast (it’s a lot of food, it takes a while), I headed to Emerge.  I got in a quick warmup and then I met with Matt.  We first went over my diet.  He wanted to know how it was going, if I was okay with it and if anything needed to be changed.  Other than moving up one meal to keep my crankiness to a minimum, all has been going well.  Today, being our first session, we went through some basic exercises to check my posture and look for deviations.  For the most part, I did okay, especially on the bosu.  I must say, the first exercise of doing basic squats was already getting my legs a little wobbly.   We continued with some exercises on the physio ball, testing my core strength (or lack thereof when it came to the ball planks).  After a few chest presses, deadlifts and some rotation exercises on the ball, my hour was over and I had survived with flying colors (and a lot of sweat).  My entire core was on fire. 

After my workout, I had to do some foam rolling because I have very “knotty” IT bands, and it must’ve been very obvious to Matt because he suggested it before I even thought about rolling them out.  I got in a quick post workout meal, trained Carissa, completed my cardio, and walked home.  I was pretty happy with the way my workout and cardio went.  I thought that this diet and exercise this time around was gonna be a breeze.  THEN I heard the sound on my Blackberry, the ringtone that means “I’ve got mail.”  (Insert dramatic music here)  Your Special Large Pizza Offer from Papa John’s‏.” YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

This time last week, my best friend was in town and we made sure we had hit up all of our favorite places to eat.  Last Friday night, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (stay away from the rolls… They are sinfully fantastic!!!).  Tonight’s dinner is my meal plan.  This has been a hard evening to follow diet because there is so much going on.  I have friends down at the Cardinals game, and I’d like to go, however, I’m afraid I’d be easily tempted to eat horrible.  I’d head back to Illinois to the farm, but it’s morel mushroom season, and I know I’d be chowing down on fried mushrooms (if you haven’t had them, they are actually a million times better than they sound).  I live alone, so unless I’m out with friends (who for the most part don’t eat so great), I’m doing things solo.  It would be so easy to call up Papa Johns (actually, I have my “special” saved online for fast ordering), or meet up with a friend for dinner.  Dieting sure makes one realize how much food is a part of socializing in St. Louis.  I just keep telling myself that I got myself into this mess, and all of my post eating had involved way too much takeout food, and now I’m paying the consequences.  I had to remind a client today that food is used for energy, and that should be it.  It is fuel, no fun (I still argue that one a little bit).  I’m glad I told her this though because I needed to hear it as well.  Dinner time. 

My meal plan

Meal 1: 8:30am-

·         1 cup Special K

·         2 100% whole wheatcrips

·         1TBS PB

·         1/2 c cottage cheese

·         16oz H2O

Meal 2: 11:30am-

·         1 apple/orange/peach/pear/1c strawberries/blackberries 

·         16 oz H2O

Meal 3: 2:30pm

·         Soy Protein smoothie (oj, soy protein, soy vanilla yogurt, flax seeds, strawberries, blueberries, honey)

·         16oz H2O

Meal 4: 5:30pm

·         Luna Bar

·         16oz H2O

Meal 5: 8:30pm

·         6oz lean ground beef/sirloin/fillet/talapia

·         1 cup+ Green veggie (asparagus/green beans/spinach/romaine)

·         1/2 sweet potato or 1 serving sweet potato fries

·         16 oz H2O

Late night (if needed)

·         String cheese or 1/2c cottage cheese

Post workout lifting days:

·         2 dark chocolate Hershey kisses

·         1tbs honey

·         1 soy yogurt


Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness