Trading Spaces: Today’s Diagnosis

Workout number 2, woo hoo!  I was having a good morning today, I ate my healthy breakfast, I had in all of my water and I took all of my vitamins.  I was killing time so I checked my email and facebook, when I saw the status of Kim, my best college friend.  It said she “celebrated (her) pants fitting looser this morning by having a chocolate chip cookie with my coffee. Yummy!!!”  My response, “OH shut up.”  Kim is one of those girls who can eat whatever and remain remotely tiny.  There were days I could have shoved her in a closet, but then I realized that she’s a Cubs’ fan, so she’s a little backwards anyways J (I’m kidding Kim… Well, kinda)

 8:55a.m., I am on my way to Emerge to train with Matt.  I feel good, I feel ready to go.  I had my breakfast in me (and I was only praying that it would STAY in me) and I was ready to get going.  I felt so good that I thought to myself, “I have eaten nearly PERFECTLY for an ENTIRE week… 7 LONG days, why not hop on the scale and see how much I lost?”  So, being the thinker I am, I wore light clothing and got on the scale… Watched the lines flash on the scale… Stopped breathing waiting for my weight to show up on the scale…  WHAT THE?? ONE FREAKING POUND!!!?  I HAVE BEEN EATING THIS CLEAN FOR ONE STUPID POUND?? At this point, I was fighting back any and all frustration and emotion.  I used to be able to lose 3-4 pounds a week and I didn’t eat even half as clean as I have been (I think it’s all downhill after 25).  This was not the motivation I needed before this workout.  When I sat down to talk with Matt, he asked how my diet was going and if I weighed myself and I was bummed.  He saw the devastation in my face and kept reassuring me that my body will let it go in time.  I’m a woman, I’m impatient, I didn’t want it to go “in time,” I want it gone now!  So, the score is one for my stubborn body, 0 for me.  After I faced the fact that there’s no way to talk my body out of dropping another pound right then and there, I decided to “man up” and just work my butt off with Matt.

My workout went really well.  My muscles really cooperated and I successfully finished every rep and every set I was asked to do.  Matt found out today that my pecs still hurt because I gave him quite the look when he wanted me to do these pushups with my hands on two medicine balls (my pecs hate when I do pushups with my hands on the floor!)  I gave a lot of funny looks, but I never whined once… The whole workout, I didn’t whine AT ALL.  It was definitely a great workout for me, I sweated my butt off (forget that whole “glistening” thing ladies, I was beyond that… I was sweating).   My heart and lungs actually did surprisingly well!  I wasn’t sucking air… In fact, it was my legs that were dragging behind!  My head and lungs were saying “GO” while the rest of my body was saying “GIVE ME A MINUTE, WILL YA?”  It actually felt great to be pushed.  I take it way too easy on myself when I workout solo.  I realized today that I do have my old stamina back and I can take what anyone throws at me.  You may get a dirty look while in the process, but I will shut up and do it, and I will do my best to have perfect form while doing it.

After my lifting was over, Matt “attempted” to work on my flexibility.  He found out quickly that I lack it in the hips and legs.  I mean, nearly ZERO range of motion in the hamstrings.  I will work on that; just remind me (by the way, I forgot to foam roll again tonight).  SPEAKING of Foam Rolling, I have been diagnosed with “I.T. Turrets “(Ilio-tibial Turrets to be medically correct).  What that means is that when Pirtle is trying to roll out my I.T. band with that weighted rod, I have a tendency to shout out random things.  It can be something as small as “HOLY CRAP” to a few four letter words that come out of my mouth WITH NO CONTROL (sorry mom).  I even hit the table a time or two from agony.  And what does Pirtle do?  “Haha, that sucks” as he keeps rolling that stick over a knot!  Word of advice to his clients:  (My clients already know) Rule #1, “Don’t piss off your trainer” (which I can proudly say NONE of them have), and here’s why… The trainer holds the power in that weighted bar.  If you make him mad, he can just press a little harder and when you scream in agony his defense will be “I’m not putting any pressure on it, it’s just the weight of the bar that’s causing you pain!”   Sure Sparky, you keep saying that.  I know the truth.

After my cardio, I walked (yes, I said WALKED) home, had my post workout meal, then I decided to take a little nap.  When I woke up and got ready for work, I was a little hesitant about getting up and moving.  I checked the right leg… no soreness… the left leg… nope, it was good too.  SWEET, no pain!  So I got up and finished my day at work.  I’m still feeling pretty good.  My pegs are tight (ladies, let me tell ya, if you ever consider getting a breast lift, just talk to Pirtle.  Have him take you thru a few of the exercises I’ve done, and those things will never sag another day of your life.)  I’m very tired and my appetite is starting to grow quite a bit, so I’m really feeling like I’m headed in the right direction.  I have cardio tomorrow then back to training on Friday. 

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness