Trading Places: "I Refuse to Whine…" May 1, 2009

All I gotta say is, “ugh.”  It’s 3:15 in the afternoon and I’m starting my blog really early b/c I’m not even sure how late I will be able to stay up tonight to write this thing.  I’m wiped… It’s so bad that I just got back from getting a facial peel; as I went to get up off the table, my legs gave out and DOWN I WENT…

Yeah, we trained today at 11am.  I felt great going in… I still wasn’t sore, and IN FACT I was extra chipper; not just because of the pasta I had last night, BUT because I’ve lost a ½ lb since Wednesday!  Water, fat, I don’t care what it was that I lost, but I’m a half pound lighter and I’m good with that!  We changed up my cardio on my non-lifting days, so I should be good to go.  Wellllll, almost good to go; that is if I can WALK tomorrow.

SO Pirtle decided to kill my pecs again today.  Frankly, at this moment, the whole workout was a blur except I remember my poor pecs screaming to the point of fatigue.  Oh that’s right, I fell off the rings.  I was doing my 3rd set of planks on the rings after umpteen million other pec exercises, no wait, “exercises that INVOLVED the pecs” (stupid loopholes).  I had 3 seconds left to hold, and down I went.  This wasn’t a “woe is me” dramatic fall… I just went DOWN, not gracefully either.  HOWEVER, even on the floor, with my face planted in the carpet, and my body lying there like dead weight, I DID NOT WHINE.  I think that’s Pirtle’s new goal, push me until I crack.  I refuse to whine, I shall prevail!  As long as I can keep giving my dirty looks and growling, he won’t hear a peep outta me!

Like I said the rest of the workout was pretty much a blur to me.  I do remember one of the last exercises I did, some type of upper abdominal crunch using the cable rope and the stability ball.  Matt was explaining what to do, I don’t remember what exactly, but then I heard something that REALLY caught my attention:  “You’re going to be in a much better place.”  Ok, I am pretty sure he was talking about where my arms should be placed so my pecs wouldn’t scream anymore, HOWEVER> I had a totally different image.  The last time I heard that phrase was when my mom was telling my niece (at the age of 5 at the time), that one of our steers was “going to a much better place.”  Ha, “better place” my butt, he was going to the meat locker and coming back as prime rib!

The workout was tough, but I finished every rep and every set (minus 3 seconds when I hit failure and hit the floor).  I even dragged myself over to the treadmill and finished my cardio.  I felt really good, actually.  I’m not sure if it was because my heart was beating and my blood was pumping and I felt great accomplishment, OR, it was because my entire body was numb and pain-free.  I will get back to ya on that one.  It’s times like these I’m grateful I decided to get a laptop so I can be lifeless on the couch yet use my computer.

10:15pm … My parents just left so no early bedtime for me.  My dad had a meeting so my mom came along (bearing the gifts of some fried morel mushrooms… YUM!!!).  I was planning on them getting down here early enough that we would have dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  I had my meal planned and everything… Then they got here late so me and my mom headed to Locos.  I attempted the grilled chicken salad (I hate chicken).  I ate about half of it and that was my dinner.  No bread, no rolls, no fun carbs. What did help me was observing other people eating around us.  The greater population was overweight, if not obese.  I even saw a woman who was in the bar area eating, yet she was so big that she had to use a lower chair because she couldn’t fit on a high stool.  It was a sad motivator…  It helped me stick to my diet.

  Anyways, we did a little shopping to distract me from eating anything in sight.  We did go to Target, BUT I picked up groceries and only things needed for my diet.  (So TECHNICALLY, I’m still sticking to my “no shopping” rule as well).  When we got back to my apartment, I was a little hungry, so I started in on the fresh bell peppers that are a freebie food for me.  My dad had a pretty good laugh when he walked in and saw me chomping on an orange pepper with a thrilling look on my face.  I think they find it quite entertaining that their daughter is dieting with them.  Yahoo.  My Friday has come to a close and I am still in one piece.  The workout ironically gave me enough energy to get thru my entire day without napping.  I’m amazed by that.  I’m sure that Benadryl won’t be needed tonight in order to get a good night’s sleep; pain pills, however, may need to be consumed tomorrow…

Kimberly, EmergeFitness