Trading Places: I HATE MONDAYS (May 4th, 2009)

Trading Places: May 4th, 2009


I HATE MONDAYS… I’m not sure that I know anyone who enjoys them, but it has come to the point that you can guarantee I will be cranky.  Since I’m cranky this is gonna be short.

Saturday:  Ran 2.5 miles… Felt great until that afternoon when it felt like I ran into a brick wall.  Stuck to menu plan except for some tortilla chips I had at a Cinco de Mayo party.  NO I didn’t drink anything but water.  I played a few games with the Wii to burn off the chips.

Sunday: Hurt like an SOB… The legs & abs hurt from running, and I’m getting sharp pains at the hip joint, must be the impact running.   The shoulder hurt from playing Wii Tennis… Stupid game, I’m not even good at it. My best friend texted me about ordering Papa Johns… He “says” he only ate one piece and he ate it for me.  Whatever Wirth… You savored the taste and somehow you transferred the calories to me… THANKS FRIEND… My client Carissa wasn’t any better.  She ordered one too… I hope that goes to your butt…. HA! YES, I did say that!  Jim, another client had it this weekend too… He told me about it today (Monday). It’s ok, I kicked his butt during his workout (insert evil laugh).   OH and let’s not forget my client Mr. Nelson who DID end up going to a Texas Roadhouse this weekend and HE got to eat one of those rolls… (Somedays I just LOVE my clients…) He too said that he ate a roll for me… THANKS, HOPE IT TASTED FANTASTIC.

Today, my hips are killing me.  It feels like the head of my femur is just grinding in my socket.  I’m 26, I’m too young for this aching crap.  So much for running… I walked to work.  I walked on the treadmill… I crashed into the side of the treadmill while reading a magazine (I was only praying no one saw or heard me).  I’m telling ya, it was a GREAT day… AND to top it off, I GAINED back almost everything I had lost.  I wanted to just break down tears.  I didn’t say much while I was at Emerge, but on my way home, I was on the phone with Wirth, “Maaaaaattt, My Body Haaaaaaates me!!! WHHHHYYYYY…. I’m eating PERFECTLY.”  He tried to be a good friend and told me to be patient.  He tried to turn it on me and said “If YOUR client came to you all upset because they gained a pound and they said they had done everything perfect, what would you tell them?”  I believe my response between tears was “I would tell them that they are LYING about their food intake, BUT I’M NOT LYING!!!!”  (Ok, MAYBE I wouldn’t do that, but he and I were talking about ME here.)  He just pretty much in short, told me to “Man Up” and wait until I get measurements updated on Wednesday…

I survived my afternoon.  I walked around like an old lady…  Scratch that, even my 100 year old great grandmother has to move better than I did today.  Pirtle asked how I was, and I think the disgruntled look on my face summed it up.  He said pretty much the same thing Wirth did, just to wait until Wednesday.  I think it’s in the name “Matt” to be honest.  So frankly, having my past and present trainer (both Matt’s AND former co-workers) is a total 2 against 1… Lucky ME.  I’m glad he and the rest of the Emerge staff understand me and my moods already.  I’m easy to deal with, just ignore me.  Adam, one of our trainers decided to make some smart remark today and he got the “Go to hell” look.  The good sport he is came back with a “Whoa, that look said it all… Eat some bread.”  OH THE BREAD… That reminds me! This morning, one of Angie’s clients, bless her heart, made bread and brought them into the gym this morning.  AND IT SMELLED FANTASTIC… I couldn’t say how they tasted, because I CANT EAT BREAD, but I’m sure it tasted as amazing as it smelled.  I’m sure Pirtle ate enough for him and me (Trainers do that…They sacrifice their own diet and eat delicious food their clients can’t eat… GRRRRRRR).

So I’m home, I’m still cranky, I’m STILL sticking to my damn diet.  And my trainer; he’s enjoying EVERY bit of this.  In fact, my clients inform me that THEY enjoy this too… At least I can make my clients walk as funny as I am…hehehe
Until tomorrow,