Trading Places: Happy Cinco de Mayo! (May 5th, 2009)

My dinner... A Healthy Version of a Taco Salad


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  I know many people are out celebrating a holiday that frankly, doesn’t even involve most of us; but as I have said before, the people of St. Louis find ANY reason to eat and drink!  Saying, that I thought I would partake in the celebration in a “healthier” way.  I made a taco salad… This is what it includes:

·         4 of 96% lean ground beef drained, and seasoned with low sodium taco seasoning

·         2-3 cups of chopped romaine lettuce (it’s nearly a freebie food so I get as much as I want!)

·         Calorie free hot sauce

·         1 piece of mozzarella string cheese peeled apart (50 calories)

·         Less than 2 tablespoons of light sour cream

It was YUMMY! And I think I was under my normal calories for my dinner… Sweeet!

                Today was a pretty normal day.  No mood swings at all.  In fact, I actually found myself joking around quite a bit.  There’s just something about Mondays!  My hips were feeling a little better so I attempted to run on the treadmill again.  We have mirrors across the gym so you can see yourself doing cardio.  Unfortunately, I have come to realize that I am one goofy looking runner.  I’m going to use the excuse that it’s because I’m a sprinter and I only know how for time, not distance.  Maybe, maybe not, I’m not sure, but it sounds good!  I was trying to fix my form, (that’s hard to do, may I add) watch my heart rate, and try to keep breathing because my allergies were obnoxious today!  I ended up doing interval training because my body wasn’t working together, BUT I did make it up but doing extra cardio on the bike and walking on the treadmill.  So, EVEN though I couldn’t run for a short amount of time, I made up the difference by just slowing down and going a little longer.  Calories burned are calories burned (kinda, but that’s for another day).  Besides, a few EXTRA calories burned today wouldn’t be so bad for tomorrow’s measurements.

                I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous about getting my measurements updated.  I’ve done my best at my diet (minus the fried mushrooms I had, BUT I did extra cardio to burn those off!) and I’ve done cardio nearly every day for two weeks.  I have put in the time, discipline, sweat, and intensity that I need in order to reach my goals.  I hope my body cooperates and my numbers begin to drop.  I do notice clothes already feel a little loose and overall, I feel better (you wouldn’t think so by my blogs, huh). 

I hear from a lot of friends, family, acquaintances, etc that they want help losing weight.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be happy to help every one of them, but until mentally, he or she is ready to say, “ok, I’m going to be serious about this” there isn’t much that I can do.  Losing weight is a mind game.  EACH person has to WANT to do it.  They have to be in it 100 percent.  Your body isn’t someone you can sweet talk or flirt your way to get what you want.  You can’t slip it a twenty dollar bill to lose 5lbs before the weekend.  You can’t, what I refer to as, “Half-ass” it.  A person’s body is their biggest investment, and you only get one.  Each person is their own stock broker.  Yes, you can get an edge by hiring an experienced trainer (from Emerge of course, wink wink) who can give advice and help to motivate and make sure you are working out correctly.  But only YOU can make the changes you need to make that investment better and last longer.


I came into this situation listening to my own advice (for once).  I told myself as I tell my clients.  A trainer is someone who can give you a map; a map with the road highlighted directly to your goal, but you have to put the car in drive first.  For all my readers, I hope you are going into training or your own workouts the same way, 100 percent.  I’m re-learning it can be tough; not just physically, but socially and mentally as well.  But I know the day I reach my goal, and I fit into those jeans (not by lying on the bed and sucking it in either), it will be completely worth it.  I know that I will feel that I EARNED it, not the sense of entitlement that I had felt in the past (“I’m a 26 year old trainer who knows a lot about fitness, I should be ‘entitled’ to fit into these jeans yet eat what I want.”)  I’m not proud of it… Because BOY WAS I WRONG.

 However, reality will then set in when I will have Pirtle in front of me saying, “Congrats Kim!  Now that you achieved that goal, you can wear your jeans during our next session… We will be doing exercises that involve the pecs.”  I hope tomorrow bears good news!
Until then,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness