Trading Places: Hard Work Does Pay Off (May 6th, 2009)

The day…. Oh, measurement day, how I was terrified.  Who knew that simple numbers can stress a person out so much?  I will admit, I was pretty petrified to get them taken.  I had worked SO hard for two weeks and the scale had already upset me once that week.  And here I was, climbing on the scale, praying as I waited for my number to flash… 141.4 or 141.6, I don’t remember… My heart sunk.  I just looked at Pirtle with a blank expression.  He grabbed the calipers and started on my body fat (at this point, I took a moment out of stressing to realize how WHITE my body was… Note to self, hit up the mystic tan ASAP).  I just kept hearing him say “hmmm” or “wow” as he took my pinches.  Come to find out, I dropped 2.2 PERCENT of my Body FAT…. Hi-Oh!!!!  My inches had gone down too!  I don’t  think I showed as much excitement Pirtle had expected me to be.  I think I was too relieved to be all crazy about it.  But I am very happy.  The hard work is paying off and now I have the proof that I needed.  Pirtle was pretty pleased too… SO pleased, he had my workout start off with a “core stabilizing exercise that involved the pecs…”

I must say that even though my numbers went my way today, my body had an ENTIRELY different agenda.  It was a rough workout.  I just couldn’t function all that well.  I started with a ball plank while bringing my knees to my chest and rotating, and I could not for ANYTHING stay on that darn ball!  It seriously felt like there was a live animal in that ball trying to escape.  I had Pirtle laughing pretty hard (I was pretty ridiculous looking, and my comments didn’t help).  I FINALLY finished them and we went on to an exercise that even had me laughing.  I was to do body dips with my feet on a plyo box and my hands each on a med ball.  My upper body is my MAJOR weakness.  I complete one or two reps and my triceps give and my butt is on the floor… I remember Pirtle saying “Ok, push to get up!” I used all the strength I had and even screamed a little… My whole body THOUGHT it was pushing up, but I went no where.  We changed up the exercise a little and I completed it.  I was also informed that I’m extremely flexible at the elbow joint…. Just shy of being “freak-like;” Who knew? 

Thanks to a dear (soon to be former) friend who shall remain nameless mentioned on my facebook that we should have some “video” of me working out….  Pirtle read it.  “What the hell did you do that for!” slipped out of my mouth when I saw the post on our white board “video coming soon.”  Yeah, stay tuned…  It’ll be fan-freakin-tastic I’m sure.  Anyhoo, the rest of the workout went really well.  Pirtle had me do yet another exercise that makes me look ridiculous (yeah, even more ridiculous than me running, if that’s possible).  I think it was more for his entertainment (AND NO, THAT EXERCISE WILL NOT BE POSTED).  I can see how my midsection is shrinking because by the time the workout is over, my abs are screaming.  I TRIED to increase my intensity while doing cardio, but I was afraid if my heart rate went up, my breakfast would come back up.  So I just slowed down and went for a longer period of time.

I must say I’m really feeling good!  I have a lot more energy now, and my legs and arms are feeling leaner.  I even fit into one pair of my Armani jeans (the good pair… I refuse to try on the evil pair for a while longer).  I was in the mall this evening and I was looking at clothes (a RARE thing for me to do).  I actually got excited looking at things, but I know rule number one with losing weight is to not buy any new clothes.  I was definitely tempted by all of the smells coming from the cookie store.  I did leave the mall with a “reward” for my hard work.  No, no food and no clothes; a Camelback water bottle from Dick’s.  (I told you I’m a sucker for sporting good stores!)  My initial goal was to fit into those jeans, but my goal date was set for the weekend of May30th, because I’m planning on meeting up with my best friend to take in a concert in Kansas City.  It will be the first time he will see me since I’ve begun this “wild ride”.  Who knows, we’ll be at the Plaza, maybe I will swing in the Armani store and get another pair of jeans in a smaller size… Kidding (For now…)

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge