Trading Places: Stress Test #1 (May 8th, 2009)

Sleep… What is it?  How do I get it? I don’t have a problem falling asleep.  By the time my head hits the pillow around 11pm, I’m out within minutes.  It isn’t two hours later I’m up… I either have to make a bathroom run, or my body becomes restless.  Last night was a doozy.  I was up at 1, 3, 4 (in fact, I was up from 4-6am), then up again at 8am for the day.  It was by far the hardest day to get in cardio…  I DID DO IT though… ALL 30 minutes.  There was a conflict with my training schedule today so my training session with Matt was postponed until next week.  I THOUGHT I’d have an easy day afterwards… WRONG… Our two hour kettle bell training class, which I thought would involve an hour and a half of sitting and listening and 30 minutes of a workout turned into 2 FULL hours of doing hands on exercises.  The good points:  Very informative… It was actually fun and time flew by… The bad points… I’m gonna feel something sore in the morning…  I’m guessing my butt… But we shall see…  During midway of our class I was REALLY happy that I didn’t train with Pirtle because 3 hours of nonstop lifting AFTER a 30minute cardio workout earlier that morning would have left one lifeless brunette on the floor at the bootcamp facility!

My diet has been going well.  I’m actually into a pretty big groove.  It’s generally about two weeks into a solid workout regimen and a healthy diet when some sort of stressful occurrence happens and it throws me completely off track.  The last time was my longtime friend from back home calling me to inform me that she was getting married in two days to a foreign man so he could get his visa… AND the dagger in the heart was that she expected me not to say a word to anyone because she didn’t want her parents to know… SO> That was the bomb that dropped last time.  And yet again, I’m feeling good today, my diet is going well, and I open my mailbox (BAD IDEA)… I received a letter from SIUE declining my application for grad school in the kinesiology department.  The feeling I had was a THOUSAND times worse than when I saw my original measurements.  I was at a loss.  Pirtle must have some sort of ESP or something because it wasn’t 5 minutes later; I received a text message saying that I could order Papa Johns as long as I didn’t go overboard.  I was so bummed about that letter that I had no appetite at that point.  The only positive thing out of that letter is that I am allowed to attend grad school classes there, just as an “unclassified” student; which means that I’m on a type of preliminary probation.  I can take three classes, and if I do really well, I can reapply and use those credits towards my Master’s degree.  Needless to say, my appetite slowly came back, and listening to Pirtle (as I ALWAYS do), I ordered a large pizza…  the “Kimberly Special” (large, thin crust, ham & pineapple, extra sauce).  I must say, it WAS pretty good… After eating clean for so long, however, I did notice for the first time that it was kinda salty.  I still ate ¾ of the thing.  I surrendered it after that.  I sent Pirtle a message saying that he couldn’t use that against me now… Then I casually mentioned that a DQ Blizzard would taste great right about now… He pretty much told me not to push it and wait until he let me have my next cheat meal… I’m quite content, I must say.  I’m learning how to channel my stress and deal with that in another way than by eating/drinking or veering away from exercising.  My workouts are the main thing in my life that keep me grounded (when I’m not hanging onto the rings for my life) and they are also the thing that will continue to make me look/feel better in the long run.  If I quit eating well and working out, I’m just adding more stress to me.  Who wants to do that!?

For those late night or REALLY early readers, here’s a reminder about the Karen 4 a Kause 5k fun run/walk event at Frontier Park in Old St. Charles.  Emerge will have a table set up.  I think we all have a few clients participating and I think Angie will be running in it as well.  However, I will not be (my legs pretty much threatened me that if I ran, they would keep me up every night for the rest of the month).  I hope to be at the table talking to people about fitness, etc.  Even if you aren’t participating, definitely come on out and say hi.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and it’s a great reason to get outside.  Hope to see y’all there (after a good night’s sleep of course)!!!
Until Monday,
Kimberly at Emerge