Angie Nation-Pirtle's Client of The Month Monica Boschert

Every month I am going to select a  new client to feature and blog their work outs at Emerge, cardio, and diet.    This month’s client is Monica Boschert.  I have been working with Monica since August of 2008.  In the time I have spent with her  she has accomplished some amazing goals.  She came to me with a primary goal of weight loss.  She, like many others had spent many years on her own trying to figure out the correct recipe for exercise and diet.  I started her on a simple cardio plan 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes in her target heart rate zone and started out with 2 times a week meeting with me “her new personal trainer”  for a training program specifically designed for her weight loss goal.  I also had her journal her food every day and gradually made suggestions and changes to her eating.  She spent 9 months food journaling and documenting every calorie she ate.  In 9 months of journaling and taking advice from me she now has weened herself off the calorie counting.  Monica understands her optimum calorie intake for the day and how her body will respond to different macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats).
  Now you are wondering what kind of results has she had.  Since August she has consistently lost weight and never gained.  She has lost to date over 50 lbs and over 10% body fat.  In August 2008 Monica weighed 197lbs and as of today she weighed in at 142.6lbs.   Her new goal as of spring 2009 is to maintain weight, maybe loose another 5lbs, but really focus on toning and more body fat loss.  She who started with a very simple program with me almost a year ago doing basic gym exercises such as squats, lunges, ball chest presses, and very basic core exercises has now progressed to a very high intensity core/strength training program.  She still continues her 3-4 days of cardio on her own and 2 days of core and strength training with me. 
I am going to blog her progress and measurement changes for the month of May.  Stay tuned for June’s new client of the month.
Tuesday May, 5 2009 3:30 personal training appointment with Angie at Emerge
Cardio over the weekend Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 25 minutes on the eliptical
Giant set with all three of these exercises with 1 min of boxing in between
walking lunges 15lb dumbbells 3 sets of 16
Kettle bell swings 3 sets of 20 reps
Pike to bridge on ball 3 sets of 12 reps
Giant set with all three of these exercises with 1 min small box jumps in between
Smith machine deep platform lunges- 12 lunges each leg (no weight on the smith)
Elevated feet on platform and hands on 2 medicine ball push up- 3 sets of 15
Lower abs while laying on a ball with hands hanging onto smith machine- 3 sets of 15

Monica Boschert performing a push up off 2 medicine balls

Monica Boschert performing a push up off 2 medicine balls

Super set of 2 exercises followed by foam rolling
Dumbbell prone row with rotation- 3 sets with 15lb dumbbells 8 rows on each arm
Plank with feet on ball- 3 sets of 30 seconds
Monic Boschert plank with feet on the ball

Monica Boschert plank with feet on the ball

 May 7, 2009 3:30 Personal Training appointment at Emerge with Angie
Giant set of  all 3 exercises
Turkish get up with 6lb medicine ball
Drop and recover on swiss ball- 15lb dumbbell/15 reps on each arm
Side plank off the bench- 15 reps on each side
Monica Boschert performing turkish get up with medicine ball

Monica Boschert performing turkish get up with medicine ball

Giant set of  all 3 exercises
Bosu 1 leg deadlift- 12.5lb dumbbells
Dumbbell 1 arm shoulder press while kneeling on swiss ball- 12.5lb 15 rep each arm
Plank with hands on medicine balls-30 seconds
Giant set of  all 3 exercises
Reverse plank on medicine ball- 30 seconds
Cable high to low wood chops- 30lbs/15 reps each side
Abdominal crunches on swiss ball with 22lb slosh pipe/15 reps
Ending  the hour with foam rolling IT band

Food Journal

Tuesday 5-5-2009

Breakfast- 1 scoop of Isopure protein shake with water

Snack- 0

Lunch- Bread Company ham & swiss on wheat with low fat mayo 8 oz of water

Snack- 0

Dinner- Grilled hamburger, green beans and milk 8 oz of water


Thursday 5-7-2009

Breakfast- 4 cashews and 8oz of water

Snack- apple 8oz of water

Lunch- 2 slices deli ham, 1 slice of cheese and water 8 oz of water

Snack- 6 cashews and 8 oz of water

Dinner- Salmon patty, 4 homemade French fries, green beans and milk