Trading Places: "Back in the Saddle" (May 12th, 2009)

“Back in the Saddle Again”

I’m an avid UFC fan.  For those of you who aren’t aware of what that is, it’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship which is a league based on mixed martial arts.  Some look at it as barbaric and a lot of nonsense, others look at it as awesome fighting, but to a biomechanic nerd like myself, I absolutely find it intriguing.  To me, there’s such an art to how the body moves and how strength, endurance, and flexibility play such a role in performance (and it is one of the most exhausting and highest calorie burning exercises you could possibly do).  Anyways, there was a famous fighter (to this day, one of my favorite), Randy Couture. He was in his prime about 5-10 years ago.  Three years ago, he was losing matches, declining in performance, and became injury prone, so he decided to retire from the UFC.  Two years later, he returned to the UFC.  When fighters are announced, they come out to a “title song” of their choice.  It’s primarily based on each fighter’s personality.  When Randy came out, Aerosmith’s song “Back in the Saddle” was his theme song.  As I was doing cardio today, the song came on my Slacker Radio… And it got me thinking.  I’m eating well, my energy is up, and I’m feeling great….

I’m “Back in the Saddle” again… I’m back to my old self…  Growing up, I was an athlete.  From the age of five years old, I was involved in sports every year until college.  In college I had to take so many fitness classes that I felt like an athlete.  I graduated four years ago.  And it took me four years to get back to feeling like an athlete again, both mentally and physically.  During last night’s bootcamp, I was just waiting to be exhausted and winded, but it never happened… In fact, when I left, I had more energy than I had for weeks!  I mentioned that the past couple of days, I’ve been so energetic.  I get up hours before my alarm clock and I am on my feet until bedtime.  My sleeping patterns have changed as well; when my head hits the pillow, I’m GONE.  I had to get up and move around twice in the middle of the night because I was in such a deep sleep, I didn’t realize I was on my hands and my fingers went numb.  I’ve noticed I haven’t been cranky either.  In fact, my attention span is greater, and I can focus so much better; on both my clients and myself.  I haven’t gotten on a scale, but overall, I feel a million times better.  I’m completely ready to do anything Pirtle wants to throw at me.  I may not be able to do it well, but mentally, I am ready to try anything once and put 100% into it.

I was a little sore today from all of yesterday’s activities.  I think bootcamp got my hamstrings and butt pretty good.  I started getting that mentality of “I feel great, I can do anything” when reality did put me in my place.  I was doing my interval sprint training on the treadmill and I was feeling AMAZING.  I kept putting the speed up faster and faster…  I had the speed up to about 9.0 and I was in mid sprint when I heard and felt a loud “POP” in my bad knee… I kept going because I my adrenaline was soaring… After my sprints were over and I got on the bike to finish my cardio, I noticed a stabbing pain in that knee.  When I looked down, I noticed that my knee was so swollen that you couldn’t see the difference between my knee and my thigh.  It was a long walk home, limping a little.  The good thing about having a reoccurring knee problem is that you soon learn how to fix it before it gets worse.  I immediately put ice on it and took a prescription anti-inflammatory my doctor gave me for this situation.  The swelling went down after about an hour.  I was back to walking with little pain.  In fact, I was even playing on the Bosu during Rams camp.  I’m sitting with ice on it again as we speak, and I have a feeling it’ll be just fine.  In fact, I think my butt hurts a lot worse than my knee at the moment (ironically, that’s a GREAT thing!)

I’m watching the finale of The Biggest Loser and I’m seeing the past and present contests get on the scale and the numbers are just amazing.  Some have lost more than 200lbs!  It’s so motivating to see everyone work so hard and put in so much sweat and tears to make them look and feel better.  It doesn’t matter if a person’s goal is to lose 100lbs or 10lbs… It all takes hard work, dedication, sweat, and there may be some tears; and when each person hits his or her goals, the feeling is just as sweet as the next person’s.  I consider myself very lucky.  I get the best of both worlds right now.  I get to be on the client side where I have someone push me to do my best and work towards being my best and plan out my path to reach my goal.  Yet, I also get to be that person who pushes my clients to do their best and to work as hard as they can to reach their goals.  Call me bias, but I think I have the best job in the world.  Tomorrow, however, at 9am, I’m on the client side… But I’m ready…  And to Mr. Pirtle: I’m back in the Saddle… Bring it on…(but no cameras, please!!!!!)  J


Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness