Trading Places: The Mind Says "GO", the Body Says "NO!"

The Mind says “Go” but the body says “NO”

                Step…step…step… OW… (Repeat).  This has been the story of my day… I hurt so freaking badly that I can’t even type without feeling some sort of cramp or ache.  Let’s put it this way; yesterday, my knee was bothering me… Today, it’s the only part on my body from the neck down that feels great… I can’t sit, I can’t sneeze, I can’t laugh, and I don’t even think about trying to get down on the floor because there’s no chance on earth that I would be able to get back up.  I was a little sore this morning going into our workout, but afterwards, forget it, my body decided to mutiny.  I felt fantastic during my workout with Matt… Yes, I did fatigue on a few exercises, but I did finish each set.  Nope, still no whining, sorry.  In fact, I was game for whatever today.  Like I said yesterday, I told Matt to bring it, that I was ready… And he did; and I was… And then I wanted to crawl into the fetal position and not move for a few days.  I must say that I am feeling stronger and my lung capacity and my heart are much better conditioned.  I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I’m a really good pace to get there.

                I still refuse to get on a darn scale.  That thing is still my enemy.  As for the jeans, they will remain hanging on my door for a while longer.  I’m not ready to try them on for a few more weeks (besides, my legs are so swollen right now; I wouldn’t be able to fit into the legs of them!).  I see small changes in my body which keeps me motivated enough to keep on going.  I’ve noticed my arms getting smaller, and my midsection is firming up.  As for my chest, yeah, it’s by far the first thing to go, it always is.  Soon, I’ll have to contact good ol’ Victoria’s Secret, and ask them what the secret is to filling a stupid bra.  My legs also drop body fat first, which is great motivation, seeing the lean and define.  I’m still not seeing it in other areas, but Pirtle said that he can tell a difference in my physique… So I’m gonna do the next best thing and go tan (sunless, mystic tanning of course).  Being tan always makes one look more define!

                As for my energy, I’m still up and going quite a bit.  Today was a little tougher after my workout.  My mind, heart, and lungs were all saying “go go go!” But my muscles had a different opinion saying “no no no!!!”  Unfortunately, my muscles are bigger than the rest so I did rest a little more.  I probably needed it anyways.  I didn’t do my sprint intervals today due to my knee mishap yesterday and my intense workout today.  I did do 30 minutes on the elliptical at my target heart rate.  Tomorrow may be an elliptical day too, we shall see.  I wanna keep an eye on that knee and get back to 100% before I put 100% into my sprints again.  Not to mention, I know that kettlebell training is on Friday and I now know that it’s a two hour workout so I need to save some legs endurance for that. 

                My diet is still going perfect.  I’m not really hungry to the point of crankiness anymore.  I still take in the same amount of calories as before but I have more energy now and I don’t feel like killing someone if I don’t get some food in me at that second.  And sleep, ah man, again, my head hit the pillow and I was out last night.  I didn’t even hear the rain/hail/storm stuff that went on last night. 

                So the weekend is almost here, and I’m wondering what I should do for my cheat meal (if I get one, that is).  I don’t want pizza this week.  I want something I eat for one meal and have no leftovers.  If anyone has any suggestions please comment below and let me know!  I hate Chinese food and I don’t want pizza.  I thought I wanted ice cream, but I want to stay away from dairy because I think my intolerance for lactose has gotten pretty bad.  Anyways, all suggestions are welcome!

                Well, at least I completed my blog in early, and since I don’t expect any more excitement (or movement for that matter); I’m going to bid “adieu” and get some dinner in my stomach.
Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness