Trading Places:"Rough Day" (May15th, 2009)

I must admit that today was just an all around bad day for me.  Maybe it was Karma for all of the “I can do anything” mumbo jumbo I said earlier in the week, but today was a rough one.  It started out fine this morning.  I had a good night’s sleep, and I woke up at my normal time.  I started to get my day started by heading to Emerge to do cardio.  I was still pretty sore, but at least I could get up and down with a little more ease.  In fact, my legs were better today, but my back, shoulders, and abs were worse today.  I tried putting on an “inbetween” pair of jeans this morning as a way of measuring my progression… BAD idea… I couldn’t fit in them or any pair of jeans I owned.  There was no way I could be getting bigger…  I knew something was completely wrong with me…   And it was only the beginning.

I was having my normal breakfast except I switched to soy milk instead of my Lactaid Milk or Cottage Cheese (I’m very lactose intolerant, so I have to take enzymes hen I’m having dairy).  This was the first time I had given soy milk a try, but since I can do soy ice cream and soy yogurt, I figured it would be no big deal.  It wasn’t a few minutes later when I started feeling very nauseated.  I thought it was maybe some lactic acid that ended up in my stomach or something, so I just headed to Emerge.  I started doing cardio and I just felt worse and worse.  I got in my 30 minutes and immediately headed home to go lay down.  I was just hoping that I’d feel better before our kettlebell workout at noon…

Not so lucky. We started doing warm-up exercises and I was just getting more dizzy and nauseated.  I was thinking, “If I do one snatch right now, the kettlebell isn’t going to be the only thing coming up.”  Luckily, we didn’t start too extreme.  I was chomping my gum like a race horse at the bit (gum is one of the few things that can always calm my stomach).  As time went on, my stomach started to settle down.  Good thing too, because we learned some pretty cool things in our class… I’m sure you will all learn them pretty soon…   I even hung in there for a last man standing kettlebell swing contest.  Ok, so I used a lighter weight than most everyone else.  But no matter what, I did go for six minutes.  And yes, it hurt like no other… And yes, I will be sore in the morning, but I figured if I was already having issues getting up and down, why not do something kinda cool and still hurt in the glutes  (I KNOW that philosophy is gonna bite me in the butt… No pun intended).

When class was over, I went home, tried to take in some food, and I crashed on my couch.  My smoothie was hard to choke down which is far from the norm.  Needless to say, I will never do soy milk again.  I eventually got my appetite back and I had dinner and I even got a “treat” tonight; a Doozle’s light (98% fat free) concrete custard.  I went with a small one, and yes, I got Pirtle’s approval before eating it.  I was doing some online researching of different products and I came across information about how soy products can increase estrogen levels and cause water retention and swelling in your skin… (It also causes moodiness which Wirth has mentioned I have had…. a lot lately).  Well, I think I’ve been so focused on keeping my lactose intolerance intact, that I went overboard with the soy stuff.  So this weekend, I have to find a decent balance to keep me sane, for the sake of myself and those around me.  Oh I’m still gonna have my cheat meal, club sandwich, tomorrow, but otherwise, the soy milk is down the drain. 

It’s funny how the human body can be so different with each person.  Not to mention, it baffles me how the body’s tolerance for things can change as one gets older.  Growing up, I was this farm kid who wasn’t allergic to anything and there wasn’t a food that made me sick.  Nowadays, I’m a walking Benadryl billboard.  My mom likes to blame it on the “city” life; she says that I just need the fresh country air again.  I’m going to get in my cardio tomorrow, but otherwise, I’m going to have a relaxing weekend and get some things done around the apartment.  I have measurements on Wednesday, and I am heading back to Illinois on Friday for my nephew’s high school graduation (this was my first “goal date”.)  Two weeks from today, I will be in Kansas City (The big goal date).  That doesn’t leave me much time at all, so I have to keep myself on the yellow brick road.  Have a great weekend everybody!


Until Monday,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness