middle age weight loss & fitness

Too awesome! I lost ¾ of a pound this week. Miraculously, my body is on kind of a weight loss roll.  I’m trying to forget that hitting a set point or plateau is probably inevitable. We can talk about those challenges another time. 

Because I have a history of portion distortion with many of the foods I commonly eat, I’m weighing & measuring some of those foods and writing down everything I consume.  Using visuals, like the palm of my hand, to determine whether I’m having a 3 oz piece of chicken rather than 6 ounces works nicely.  However, when it comes to foods like light mayo, parmesan cheese, peanut butter, light salad dressings, etc. – You know all those foods that give you a calorie count based on a 1 – 2 tbl serving somehow turn into mountains rather than tablespoons, and wow do those calories add up.  As much of a pain as it is, measuring these foods has made a big difference in my weight loss progress.  

I gravitate towards foods that I can eat a lot of and that are low in calories since I tend to be a “bulk” eater. I’m not quite ready to type out what I eat because I fear great embarrassment.  It’s not that I don’t eat healthy, it’s that my day is full of food and I enjoy every bite of it while losing weight.  I guess that indicates that I need to get more of a life.  All fun aside, I know for me that it’s critical that I eat as much as I possibly can while getting any kind of weight loss at all, even if an average of only ¼ lb a week.  I need my body to be accustomed to eating when it comes time to maintaining my weight loss. I’ve had to learn this the hard way.  I too have said to myself many times after losing weight that I would never gain it back again “I feel too good”, “I worked too hard” to gain it back.  I gained it back.  I’ll never be one of those people who only eat to live.

Being accountable to my trainer and to the goals I documented and handed him in January has kept me going when the results weren’t instant and when I wanted to use my age as an excuse for not losing weight or progressing in my training.  I’m excited about where my training has taken me even though it is hard. Despite the fact that it is my son who trains me, he’s never planned a training session or set expectations that indicate that I might be “fragile” or incapable.  I’m grateful that he sees only potential in me as he does in all his clients.  My training with Matthew, even more than the weight loss, makes my body younger and stronger.   Of course, when you get down to it, true fitness commands we do a number of things in order to maximize the quality of our lives.  None of them are easy, but they feel good.

Beth Pirtle