Trading Places: "Fat Doesn't Take Vacations" (May18th, 2009)

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope each of you enjoyed the wonderful weather this past weekend and I hope you get out and about this week as well.  It’s 10pm and I’m now just getting to my blog; needless to say, Monday has been a pretty busy day for me.  Here’s a brief run through of my weekend.

Saturday:  The weather was bright and sunny, which made it easy for me and Carissa, one of my clients, to decide to go to Soulard’s Farmer’s Market.  She had never been.  Normally, eating healthy is very expensive, and if you have been in a Dierbergs lately, the price of produce is enough to make one cry.  My advice: head to Soulard.  The produce was plenty, fresh, and VERY reasonable!  They had every type of fruit and vegetable as well as a butcher shop, fish market, spice shop, and bakery (SMELL, but do not partake at the bakery!)  They also have beautiful plants, flowers, and herbs.  Carissa and I had to make two trips to her vehicle because we had bought so much, and I only spent about twelve bucks!  It’s a great thing to do on a Saturday morning.  I hope to visit at least once a month.  After we got back, we got in cardio.  I DID get my cheat meal… My club sandwich with a side of mac ‘n’ cheese from Locos.  I also got a large bag of Sun Chips. The sandwich and mac ‘n’ cheese were gone in a heartbeat.  The chips were a two day process…  I wanted the entire bag gone by Monday.   Oh, and I had a serving of Starburst Jelly Beans (I measured).  It was so filling; I didn’t have dinner or a late snack that night.  In fact, now that I think of it, I didn’t have anything after lunch.

Sunday:  Breakfast was ok, but I didn’t eat my entire meal because I was still full from the day before, I guess.  I should have eaten it though, because I sure got hungry later in the day.  I attacked the grapes I had bought at the market.  My lunch and afternoon snack was fine, but last night, something snapped in me and I went on an eating spree… (PLLLLLEASE Pirtle don’t kill me for this…)  I got into the bag of Starburst Jelly Beans (I only ate the red, pink, and purple ones… ok, and a few orange ones, b/c I  thought they were pink!) .  I hate a small bag of Ruffles chips (110 calories) that I had bought pre-diet.  I also ate a bag of Cheetos earlier that day (120 calories).  I went carb happy, and honestly, I felt REALLY bad and I didn’t sleep well at all after eating it.  I only sleep really well after a really good workout day and a clean diet.  I think that’s why the scale was bad today.  It was 143 I think?  After seeing it, I REALLY felt bad about what I ate.  I still feel like I’m losing body fat.  I can see it in my face and arms, and a pair of PJ lounge pants I put on tonight were so loose that I had to tie them to keep them up.  But that scale…  Evil thing!  I have measurements Wednesday, so I will have a better idea of my progress then.  My diet this week is going to be SUPURB.  I go home to Illinois Friday afternoon, and other than my one cheat meal (back home has a killer authentic Mexican restaurant with AMAZING fajitas), I plan on behaving while I’m home…  Ok, my one meal and then the food at my nephew’s graduation party.  BUT, my sister is having fruit, veggie, and deli trays, and she always stocks water and Diet Coke’s for me when I visit.  And there will be cake… And I will have cake; a small piece.  Trust me; I don’t have to worry about overeating because my nephew, who is going to WIU to major in Kinesiology-Athletic Training, will be over my shoulder saying, “Hey Aunt Kim is that on your diet?” Then my 9 year old niece who has become quite health conscious herself, will say “Aunt Kim, should you be eating that?  It’s made with a lot of sugar, which will make you crash later in the afternoon…”  My family LOVES my influence on Kyle and Savannah… 

Monday:  Ok, I have to tattle on myself for my “mishap” this morning, because if I don’t, I know Adam will, since he saw the whole thing.  I went into work early today so I could get in my running before I trained.  Being Monday, I was out of it a little bit, and it took me a while to get my gears going.  As I started to run on the treadmill, I realized that I had forgotten to put on my heart rate monitor strap (I need it for my interval sprints).  I figured that I’d just leave the treadmill on, run into the office and grab it, then jump right back on without having to restart my time, speed, etc.  Well, in the 30 seconds it took me to hop off, put the monitor on and go back to the treadmill, I somehow forgot that I had it running.  I squeezed between treadmills and as I placed my left foot on the treadmill to climb up, the treadmill belt caught the grip on my foot, and I started to fly off the back of the machine.  Luckily, it was just one foot, and I grabbed the arm of the treadmill for dear life. I made a small “whoa!” noise, then after I got my balance (and the back of my ankle seriously exfoliated); I hopped on the treadmill like nothing happened.  I THOUGHT I got away with it until Adam mentioned he saw my spaz moment.  See, even trainers have “mechanical mishaps” on fitness equipment. 

I had a busy afternoon and even though I had planned on going to Matt and Angie’s bootcamp, I realized that I was trying to think of excuses not to go.  I don’t know why, I love the workouts, and it’s just one more way to get me to my goal faster.  I think that it has to do with me heading to IL this weekend and KC next weekend.  My mind is starting to slip into “Vacation Mode.”  I was training my 4:30 client, and I was still sketchy on going to the 6:30 bootcamp.  She, along with 4 other clients, was all on vacation last week.  She was telling me about how her parents were questioning why she was doing cardio while on their trip to Florida, and she said something that made my day… “Fat doesn’t take vacations.”  How stinking true is that!  So that was the guilt I needed to get my butt to bootcamp.  So thank you Beth, for telling me such a true motto… I will make you pay for it on Wednesday (KIDDING).  Bootcamp was a great workout and I felt so much better after doing it (ironic b/c my legs were killing me… STILL…). My menu plan went perfect today and I kept myself on my feet nonstop from the time I got up until…. well, now I guess! 

I know this week; many of you will be getting into “Vacation mode” because of the Memorial Day weekend.  I hope you all can get out and enjoy the great weather we are having, and I hope you get to grill out and have a relaxing time… BUT, just remember… “Fat doesn’t take vacations.”


Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness