Trading Places: "All for the Cause…" (May 20th, 2009)

Ohhhhh Wednesday… Measurement day…  SO, here’s the deal.  I have one heck of an odd situation going on.  I got on the scale this morning, 9am, and drum roll please….. “141.8 lbs” WHAT THE????? You have GOT to be kidding me.  Then Pirtle does my measurements (some twice because they were that… odd) and the result: I dropped 1.5% body fat.  Ok, let’s do a little math here… I lost 1.5% body fat (rough estimate 3-4 lbs (I don’t have the actual numbers in front of me) however, my WEIGHT didn’t go down… Which means, that I had to have put on that much muscle to equal out my body weight?  BUT I believe I’m in a deficit in my calorie intake vs. calorie output.  I knew that I’m the body type that can put muscle on easier than others, but this… Pirtle and I are both stumped.  He thinks that my body is still hanging on to weight, and HOPEFULLY I drop some pounds before Kansas City.  Just to push things a long we boosted up my cardio time by 5-10 minutes… Starting today… After our training session… GREEEEEEEAT

                You know when you are a kid and you complain about some ache or pain, and your parents would say “At least you have two legs that work so you have something to complain about.  There are some people in the world who would give anything to have legs that could ache” (Ok, maybe yours didn’t, but my parents are FAR from the sympathetic type).  And normally, I would find myself reflecting and agreeing that I was lucky to have my two working legs…  This ran thru my head early this morning, and ya know, I couldn’t justify it this time…  My legs were still dead so trying to get them to cooperate for an hour workout was quite a challenge.  There were times where my legs would just collapse (luckily it wasn’t when I was holding weight up).  I couldn’t even kneel on the darn ball today without them spazzing out.  We did tire flips, bench press, Turkish get-ups,  I “attempted” to do these one legged knee things on the Swiss ball, but frankly, that’s where I finally hit the wall of fatigue.  Matt kept saying his famous “All for the Cause” phrase… At this point, I’m thinking, “What’s the cause, not to DIE?” I was having a hard enough time keeping my breakfast down and he wanted me to keep my abs in?  I just kept saying “I refuse to whine… (Insert groan)”.   An hour had passed… and I was sprawled out lifeless on the floor.  After a few minutes, I got myself up to go get cardio over with.  I figured I may as well, since I was already drowning in my own sweat.  50 minutes later, (40 of it above my Target Heart Rate), I made the long walk home.  Ok, so it’s only a block BUT it feels like a long walk after a workout.

                I’m sticking to my diet perfectly this week.  I have to… We did change up my Luna bar.  I get to eat an Ostrim stick (meat made of Ostrich… High potassium, high protein, low sodium).  But since I didn’t have any of that today, I got BEEF JERKY… And I’m liking it… a LOT.  I just have to be careful with the sodium in it.  The coolest thing about it, is that it’s so chewy, that one piece takes me about 5 minutes to eat… Since I generally eat that snack between clients, I can only get about one piece in before I have to go back and train!  Although I feel like a cow chewing it’s “Cud” when I have it in my mouth.  Haha, I’m just thinking how many readers are thinking “What is CUD?” right about now… 

                Anyways, all in all, it was a good day… My body fat is down, my workout was hard, I completed my cardio, and I’m going to be great with my diet for the rest of this week and MOST of the weekend.  Due to the holiday weekend and Matt is finally taking a couple of days off; we will be training AGAIN tomorrow at noon…  Dear Lord, please let me walk this weekend…

Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness