Trading Places: "Setbacks doesn't mean Failure" (May 25th, 2009)

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted my blog.  Honestly, I haven’t written much because a lot has been going on. 

This past Thursday I had trained with Matt.  We had to do a back to back workout due to the holiday weekend.  I must say it’s pretty grueling to go through two within 24 hours.  And to be honest, I really wasn’t that sore this weekend, except I did something that I try to make sure all my clients do, which is stay focused during a lift.  We were doing deadlifts, and I was starting to lift some heavier weights when I went to check my form in the mirror and I must have tilted wrong when I went to lift or set the bar down, I’m not sure.  I didn’t recognize the pain until we were done with the exercise and I stood up straight.  At first, I thought it was a cramp, but as the day went on, it just got worse.  I tried doing cardio that afternoon and it hurt to do anything except stand.  I got through work and I went home and crashed for the night (hence, why there was no blog).  Friday morning, I got up early to try to get in my cardio before heading back to Illinois for the weekend.  I walked to the gym, and I tried the elliptical but the pain was just shooting from my hip to my toe… Listening to my body, I knew that I needed to give it rest.  I finished cardio walking on the treadmill.  This type of pain  I knew wasn’t going to go away immediately, so I knew if I couldn’t get in my cardio the way I’m supposed to, my diet has to be PERFECT…

I couldn’t run or move fast enough to get my heart rate going all weekend, so I made sure to just stay on my feet the entire day, and I think I did a pretty good job of that.  By Sunday, I even felt good enough to play ball with my niece.  My diet went really well Friday and Saturday, and Sunday, I gave up my cheat meal of Mexican to help my sister get ready for my nephew’s graduation party.  I considered that my cheat meal.  And I pretty much picked at food the entire time I was there (about 10 hours).  I would guess that I probably did 1200 calories in that time, and since I only had about 200 calories for breakfast, AND I was on my feet all day… And I didn’t have dinner that night because I just wasn’t hungry.   (I had to mention that I didn’t eat well Sunday because my mother threatened to post a comment on here revealing her “tell-all” of what I ate… See what I mean, NO sympathy…)

Today, the pain has lessened but I’m still not 100%.  It still hurts to squat down or bend over, but it’s slowly getting better.  There are moments where I get completely bummed, because in 4 days, I will be heading to Kansas City, and I don’t want any “Setbacks.”  That’s when I have to remember that “Setbacks” doesn’t mean “Failure.”  Failure only happens when I give up.  So as long as I keep on my feet and do what I can do, and eat very very well, I will be just fine.  And in a day or two, I’m sure I’ll be back to falling off the treadmills again.  Everyone has their glitches, and I guess this is mine.  I know it will only make me stronger and that I will feel a greater sense of achievement when I continue to progress.  No one ever said it was easy.

On this day, when everyone is grilling out (or in due to the weather), and they are relaxing, enjoying their “vacation;” I’m thinking that my fat didn’t take a vacation… But I’m wishing that it would continue to drop since I’m on the “DL” list for a bit.  Have a great week everybody!!!

Until tomorrow,

Kimberly, Emerge Fitness Training