Trading Places: Almost "Vacation Time", but Not Before a Butt Kicking. (May 28th, 2009)

I got my butt KICKED today.  I leave for Kansas City in the morning, and I’m not sure if I will be able to get out of my car after the three hour drive.  I can move… But MAN, I’m WIPED.  It’s 9pm and I’m really thinking about going to bed in a few minutes.  I ended my workout on the floor, lifeless, sweaty, and EXHAUSTED.  I would have stayed there for a while if I didn’t have to drag myself up and get back to work.  I think we worked everything from head to toe at some point.  I was face down so much today that I thought I had counted every color speckle in our flooring!  At least I wasn’t far from the ground when I crashed.  The object of today’s workout was to work the muscles that are going to keep me sitting upright while I drove.  I hate (and I mean HATE) riding in a car for more than an hour, so I know I would get very antsy and start to slouch.  WELL, I’m guessing I won’t this time.

                I had two pretty tough workouts this week.  EVEN THOUGH some clients “THOUGHT” that they heard me whine, I DID NOT.  I groan, I grunt, I growl, and I give a LOT of dirty looks, but I DO NOT WHINE.   But, I sure came close today on my last exercise.  My body just did NOT want to cooperate.  I get to the point where I hit fatigue so badly, that I feel completely helpless.  I’m a control freak, and not having control when my body gives out, is one REALLY odd feeling to me.

                My cardio hasn’t been up to par the past week, only getting in a few days, because I’ve actually been really busy getting ready for my trip.  However, I have made sure to stay on my feet.  I do not sit.  It’s a good thing I have some sort of ADD, because it helps when I can’t get in cardio, I’m always moving… If I’m not moving, I’m passed out asleep in bed.   When I watch tv, I must be folding laundry or cooking, or doing something other than just “sitting.”  At least it’s better than eating!

                Since I will be out of town as of tomorrow, I won’t be blogging until Monday evening.  I plan to be out and about in KC all weekend, and I plan to have a few “cheat” meals, YES MATT KNOWS.  Starting back Monday, I will be back on track with my daily blogs.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Enjoy the great weather!


Until Monday,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness