It’s amazing how slow I am to share last week’s weight gain.  Here it is, already Wednesday, almost time for me to weigh in this week and I’m just now reporting that last week’s weigh in was discouraging, but never the less I know the ¼ lb gain is temporary.  I’d be more frustrated if I had gone crazy with high fat, high sugar foods, but I didn’t.  I had my Caramel Crunch, but that’s just part of the plan and works well with my weight loss efforts. I’d like to say that this weight gain is just the inevitable plateau that comes with most weight loss efforts, but it’s not. 

When Matthew, my trainer, asked me why I thought I gained, I told him that I sort of let myself add extra berries here and an additional apple and orange there, etc. etc.  His response was something like, “What do you think you want to do different this next week?” Of course, my response was to watch how much, although healthy, additional calories I take in. I doubled the amount of fruit most days; hence more calories than I have been averaging weekly. Since my experience tells me that no one ever got fat on fruit I expected that these kinds of extras would not have an impact on my weight loss.  Of course, I know that if I want to get back on track with my weight loss, I need to be honest with the fact that a calorie is a calorie regardless of what food it comes from. Portion control is as significant to weight loss success as documenting what I eat.

My training is going well.  It’s hard, but I know if I only do what I think I can do, I’m not going to reach my goals.  With the push and drive I get from my trainer I will.  I’m 55 and the quality of my life is “sweet”.  If it’s in the plan, I plan to live a very long life so I intend to make the quality of my life as sweet at 80 as it is each year prior.  I realize that means stretching myself physically and mentally now.  So, whatever it is “they” say I should do at 55 isn’t necessarily acceptable to me and I’m grateful Matthew assumes the same.

I’ve changed my cardio plan since I am not training for a ½ marathon. My cardio philosophy is the opposite of my eating philosophy.  Instead of thinking in terms of maximum as I do with calories, with cardio I think in terms of minimal.  I do a cardio workout 4 times a week.  I do a 5 -6 mile run with my youngest daughter on Sunday; a 35 – 40 min interval treadmill workout (includes warm-up & cool–down); a 35 – 40 min steady rate treadmill run; and a 35 min elliptical workout.  That’s 2 ½ hours a week.  It’s a livable plan and it contributes to my being able to eat an average of 1600-1700 calories daily.

 I’m nearing weigh in time again and keeping my fingers crossed that the scale will reflect my hard work this week. 

Beth Pirtle