Trading Places: "Just Keep Moving!" (June 2nd, 2009)

It’s Tuesday and after a CRAZY weekend, and a full day of work yesterday, I’m FINALLY getting back into a routine.  I think that it takes a couple of days to recover from a vacation if that makes any sense!  I’m gonna give you a little review of my diet over the weekend, because I think the ending may shock you… I must also advise… This is one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” moments.

Breakfast:  1 cup of Special K, 1 glass of OJ (YES I had it, b/c I was on vacation)
Midmorning snack:  6 oz. Blackberries
Lunch:  Cheesecake factory Cobb Salad, (no avocado, no cheese)  and only 3 slivers of bread
Afternoon snack:  12 oz smoothie
Dinner:  Red Robin Natural Burger , a few fries, a couple of onion rings
Late Snack: Small TCBY 98% fat free Yogurt

  Mimi’s Oat Bran Muffin, 4 pieces of bacon (tore off the fat),  hot tea
Lunch:  Famous Dave’s St. Louis Style Ribs (5 of them.. SOOO GOOD), Green Beans, Corn Bread Muffin
Snack:  Sno-cone (without the syrup, so yes, just a big thing of ice…), a turkey & cheese sub, without the bread
Dinner:  Old Chicago Pizza- 3 pieces, Chicago style, Canadian bacon & Pineapple

  1.5 cups of Special K, Dannon Active Yogurt, hot tea
Snack: 12 oz Smoothie
Lunch:  “Dirt Dump Truck”  4-5 Scoops of Ice Cream, chocolate cake, whipped cream, cookie crumbles, & chocolate syrup all served in a toy dump truck… (I ate 1/3 of it, Matt ate the rest)


The Dirt Dump Truck

The Dirt Dump Truck

Afternoon Snack/Dinner:  Red Robin Natural Burger (3/4 of it), and a few fries
Late Dinner (Back in STL): Subway, 6” turkey sub on wheat, double meat, with American cheese, with veggies.
                This is EVERYTHING I ate from the moment I woke up Friday morning, to the second I went to bed Sunday night.  ALSO, I didn’t necessarily finish all of my food either.  That’s the great thing about having Matt around… He’s like my human garbage disposal.  The second I say I’m done, he’ll eat my leftovers before I have a chance to stuff myself.  I know it looks like we are Red Robin addicts, however, the reason we went twice is because my cousin’s new “in-laws” own all of the Red Robin franchises in the KC area, so we tried to hunt them down at one of their restaurants (we found them on Sunday). 
     The smoothie kick, well, there’s a company called “Scooters” that is like a Starbucks, but they have AMAZING smoothies.  There are not any stores located in St. Louis, so the only place I had found them was Omaha and Kansas City.  I take total advantage of getting what I can’t get all the time.  It’s the same thing with Old Chicago and Famous Daves.  By far, the best BBQ, I’ve EVER had.  I’m glad that we don’t have one here because I would be obsessed with it more than I would Papa Johns.  Old Chicago is a fantastic restaurant, great pizza… But I still refuse to open the doors to the place because they use Cubs baseball bats as door handles.  Matt thinks that I’m a little TOO anal about that, but Cardinal fans are true fans!



                Monday:  I was back on my regular diet, which honestly, I was VERY relieved to do.  All of the “bad food” was REALLY tasty and wonderful, but I just didn’t feel as good as I do when I eat clean.  And the ice cream made both Matt and I very sick.  After we scarfed it down, I don’t think we blinked for 3-4 minutes.  Then the sugar high REALLY kicked in and we sped around the Plaza like it was the Kansas City 500.  The sugar crash was even worse.  We were pounding down diet sodas and eating the Red Robin just TRYING to get a little more awake before our drive home.

                I had a lot of energy for a Monday as well.  I had a pretty busy day at work and I had no problem keeping my heart rate up during my cardio.  I felt refreshed after the weekend.  It’s hard to explain, but physically and mentally, I was ready to “kick it up a notch” and get going again.  I was a little curious to see what my weight would do, and after showing a few people the picture of the “dirt dump truck”, I got on the scale… I LOST A POUND…  Oh YES I DID… Today, I felt even leaner, and my diet has been great this week so far, so tonight I weighed myself again, I lost two more pounds today, a total of three pounds! I was at 140lbs TONIGHT!!!! 

Ok, so before anyone starting cursing at me through the computer, allow me to give you the little secret… For the ENTIRE vacation, WE NEVER STOPPED MOVING.  From the moment I got to Kansas City at noon on Friday until I left Sunday night, if I wasn’t eating, driving, or sleeping, I was MOVING.  We walked around the plaza two of the three days we were there, and we stayed in a hotel up on a hill behind the plaza… We took a shuttle to lunch on Saturday then we had to walk a mile and a half from Famous Dave’s to the concert.  We were on our feet at the concert from 1:30-10pm at the concert.  We didn’t sit once.  We even ran after the concert to catch our ride back to the hotel.  When we relaxed at the pool, I think I lay out for about 15 minutes, and then we were in the pool playing around like kids for about 45 minutes.  Do ya see where I’m going with this?  You CAN eat like a “Normal person” but you HAVE to keep moving… My poor legs were like rubber by Sunday (God Bless cruise control!)

Also, we drank water, a LOT of water.  When it’s hot out, nothing sounds better than a cold glass of H20.  It got so hot at that concert, that we went through 8 bottles of water, two glasses of ice tea (unsweetened) and I ended up going up to a “sno-cone” stand and asked for a sno-cone without any flavoring because all I wanted was to cool down by eating ice.  Sugar was the last thing I wanted in my body.  Who knew eating shaved ice with a spoon could be so fantastic!  It seriously tasted better than ice cream at this point.

Tomorrow I meet with Matt at 9am, and we are due to get my measurements, and for once, I’m excited!  For the first time, I FEEL lean.  When I move, the way my clothes fit, the way I look in a mirror, I FINALLY see for myself that I’m getting great results.  I didn’t get into my jeans when I wanted to (OH! While I was out there, I tried on another pair of Armani jeans, same size too… I thought that maybe my pair I bought was tagged the wrong size… Nope, the other pair didn’t fit either.  I told the sales lady that I just didn’t like the design after all… hehehe). I’m making my new goal July 4th.  I may get to see Matt as well as my family again that weekend.  They are brutally honest so I would like to hear good things (I thought lightning was going to strike while I was back in IL because my brother in law asked if I was losing weight because I looked thinner…).   If I go back home for the 4th, I will also see a lot of my friends and when you are known as “the fitness one,” you want to look REALLY fit. 

     It’s great to be back into my normal routine and I’m really anxious to keep going.  I’m glad I got to have the best of both worlds.  I was able to have an enjoyable vacation, eat what I wanted, yet still progress with my fitness goals.  Since it is the summer season, and many of you will be vacationing, I advise if you do plan to go off of your menu plan “Just Keep Moving”!!!

Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness