Trading Places: "Just One of Those Days" (June 3rd, 2009)

Wednesday… I’m not sure if the workout was extremely hard or if I was just having a really rough day… I felt like it was day one of my workouts ALL over again.  I have never been so frustrated during training.  I just couldn’t get my body to cooperate!  We did a lot of chest work and shoulder stabilization and my upper body refused to help.  I must admit, I threw a temper tantrum or two.  I smacked the floor, slammed a weight, all in frustration because I KNOW that I can do the exercises, but it just wasn’t working for me today.  I TRIED to finish every rep of every set, and honestly, I can’t remember if I did or not.  I just remember sweating my butt off and feeling very fatigued.  After a set, I would just collapse and look up miserably just PRAYING for the clock to tick a little faster.  I know I didn’t sleep well and the weather was dreary, but those things have happened before and I’ve had great workouts.  I guess it was just one of those days.  On a positive note, I finished my session doing deadlifts… Ah, the legs, something I know how to use.  I ended up busting those bad boys out… I don’t know if I had just gotten a second wind or if I was just using every ounce of adrenaline in me to get them over with.  Either way, I was happy with the weight I lifted and I’m looking forward to increasing it greatly.

Matt took my measurements today.  I lost another half pound since last night, so finally the “scale gods” have decided to be on my side.  My circumferences were all good except my chest went up… Hmmmm (I’m one of the few females in the world who is ok with the “girls” shrinking…) I had lost 1.3% body fat, or something of the sort.  It wasn’t the 2% I was aiming for, but I REALLY can’t be upset after the weekend I had.  I still want my goal to be 18% by July 4th, so I REALLY have to work hard for the next 4-5 weeks.  I can do it… At least I can say that after having quite the “cheat feast”, I really don’t look for a cheat meal this weekend.  If I do, I would rather go for a subway sandwich or something.  Or just give me a big glass of crushed ice… That’s a big perk for me in the summer time.  I don’t like to eat hot food.  So, pizza, fries, pasta, never sounds good.  And I don’t drink, so that’s a BIG help. 

Tomorrow is a cardio day.  I hope the sun is out because I really like to walk and walking to/from work is just an added bonus to burn a few extra calories.  As I walk by my pool every day, it keeps me motivated to get in “swimsuit shape.”  I said I wasn’t going to buy any new clothes because I have PLENTY I can wear if I lose some weight, but I think I am going to reward myself with a new swimsuit.  I think that sure beats getting another pair of stupid jeans!  Rewards are a great way to keep pushing for that goal, especially they aren’t “food related.”  Most girls would choose shoes, a new pair of pumps (I think that’s what they are called?) or some sort of high heel…  My pick would be Under Armour or Reefs (flip flops).  What ever gets those calories to burn, I suppose!

Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness