Trading Places: "Food is for fuel… energy… not fun" (June 8th, 2009)

Oh, it’s Monday… Where do I begin?   OH YEAH… Friday’s workout:  I wasn’t sore going into the workout (thankfully), and we started with deadlifts.  They felt fantastic (weird, I know)… I think I showed too much satisfaction with the weight I was lifting because Pirtle was just throwing it on there… And after I lifted my personal best, I had adrenaline going, then Matt said “we’re heading outside…” When ya hear the word “outside,” you KNOW more than likely you are flipping tires; and I was correct.  In FACT, the lucky duck I was, got to do a little obstacle course of tire flipping, tire jumping, sprinting, and hammer throwing for TIME…  I don’t know what my time was, and to be honest, I didn’t CARE… I was just glad my legs still supported my body.  The rest of my workout was yet again, a blur.  I just remember Pirtle saying “Are you doing ok?” once, and I do remember hanging over a ball, lifeless… And when it was over it felt like the longest hour of my life.  After deadlifts, Pirtle asked me if my quads were hurting, and surprisingly, they hadn’t.  Then I got on the elliptical to do cardio and my quads tightened up so tightly that I thought I was going to fall off the darn thing.  I spent the rest of the day lying out in the sun (since the supine or prone position was the most comfortable for me at the time).  My diet was perfect all day though, except for my little cheat of grapes… Matt told me that I needed more control, haha.

Saturday:  “Thank the lord, I can walk!!!!”  I wasn’t really sore, which surprised the tar out of me.  I had to get up early to instruct a bootcamp for Beth, so I figured I may well do cardio afterwards.  I went to weigh on the scale, and I FINALLY broke 140lbs…  HOLY CRAP.  I think that’s what came out of my mouth.  It was GREAT motivation to get my cardio in.  It actually made my day.  After cardio, I took advantage of the nice day and got some sun.  My diet continued to be really good, because I wanted to get a Doozle’s light concrete, and that I did.  I didn’t eat it all though, I think the sugar was starting to turn my stomach. 

Sunday:  This was my day off of doing cardio, but I spent most of the day cleaning and doing laundry.  When I clean, I CLEAN; we’re talking scrubbing, dusting, EVERYTHING.  Again my diet was really good.  I wasn’t looking forward to that stupid grilled chicken salad I had to eat for dinner… I was trying to think of something else to eat when Wirth called asking my “opinion” of him eating a Papa Johns Pizza, that schmuck.  It got me craving pizza, BADLY.  I texted Pirtle to try to MAYBE get clearance to eat it and I got a big “Nix the pizza this time…”  GRRRRR.  So I ate the stupid chicken salad… I did end up going to DQ and got a vanilla ice cream cone, which I must say tasted yummy.  It would do, this time.  Yes, I’m glad I didn’t eat the pizza, and I’m glad that the ice cream didn’t affect my calorie intake much, but sometimes, craving food and turning away from it can be frustrating.  I just have to remember, FOOD IS FOR FUEL… ENERGY… NOT FUN…  I’m getting there. 

Monday:  Today has been a draining one. I worked all day, ran errands during my break, and tonight I got in cardio late, but I got it done.  Diet has been perfect.   Blah blah blah… I’m tired, I’m moody, I’m bloated, and just when something with a lot of flavor sounds REALLY good, I’m going to walk to my fridge, grab an 80 calorie yogurt, and go to bed…  Some days, I hate being a woman…