Trading Places: "Stress" (June 9th, 2009)

     Do you ever notice that just when things start to get going really well, something comes up that TOTALLY throws off your routine or your good mood?  That would be stress for me.  I’m a 26 year old single female.  I don’t have responsibilities for anyone but myself, however, yes, even I can have stress.  It always finds a way to sabotage my diet and workouts.  I wonder if it’s just a test to my discipline (or my sanity for that matter).  The past 48 hours, I feel as if I have been drained of every ounce of energy in my body.  This is never a good thing when you are a trainer, because you ALWAYS have to have energy for your clients (I’m not talking energy as in the “yipee you can do it!” cheerleading kinda crap, b/c if you know me, you know that ISN’T me).  At this point, the “old” me would have tucked my tail between my legs, waved the white flag and had Papa Johns delivered in 30 minutes or less (generally less, they know my address, quite well).  And the last thing I would want to do is drag my butt to actually produce any type of workout.  Then the downward spiral would begin.
But not this time.
     The “me” now is taking a different approach… I “manned” up and stuck with my diet.  In fact, I’m sticking to it PERFECTLY… (SEE that Matt, PERFECTLY)… I finally realize that food isn’t going to be my therapist… And food isn’t going to make things better, it will actually add MORE stress in the long run.   And I’m doing cardio… EVERY day (that I’m supposed to… I do get a day off here or there). 
I wasn’t feeling all too great this morning so I decided to just get out of the apartment, and I did over an hour of cardio at Emerge.  Normally I’m rocking out to anything loud and fast; Today was a little different.  To find my “softer” side, I chose classical music.  Oh yes, I worked out to Bach, and Mozart, and whoever composed that song on the “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” commercial.  It did help relax me, I must say!  Diet was awesome again today (except I had about 5-6 extra Hershey dark chocolate kisses… Trust me, today, I NEEDED it.)  I’m trying to shake this “tired” feeling.  I’m getting ample amounts of sleep and the caffeine is little.  I need a really awesome training session tomorrow to kinda refuel me.  If I can get that adrenaline rush like I did Friday (before the obstacle course from hell), I will be doing just fine.  MAYBE if there aren’t many people in there when we train, I’ll get to rock out to some loud music while I lift.  I’m trying to stay away from the scale this week, but I did check it, and I’m only up a pound… I’m ok with that.  I will be below 140 again before the weekend.  OH> Side note… For some stupid reason, I got a wild idea to try on “The Jeans” today… And I got them on… And I got them zipped up… And I got them buttoned… And I got a photo… But I didn’t dare try to sit down in them…
J  But that’s definitely a good feeling that I’m getting closer!  The day I fit comfortably in those jeans, I’m going to train my clients in them for a week (kidding… maybe).

  Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness