The definition of “Fatigue”:  Physiologytemporary diminution of the irritability or functioning of organs, tissues, or cells after excessive exertion or stimulation. In other words, that was me at around 9:45 this morning.  Yup, I trained with Matt at 9am. 

          I was going on 4 hours of sleep going into the workout.  I just had a hard time getting to sleep, and then I woke up at 4am, and I couldn’t go back to sleep, go figure.  After discussing my diet and cardio we headed straight to deadlifts.  I’m a weird one because I actually love to do legs.  Even though I have very long ones, they are pretty strong.  In the past, my knee was always debilitating, but now that it’s all good, I’m busting out some pretty good weight.  I upped my max deadlift weight by another 15 pounds.  I lifted 165lbs for 6 reps.  As excited as I am to do this, it does frustrate me that I know if I had been lifting like this earlier, I’d be lifting even more weight now.  My goal was 200lbs, but that has been bumped to 225.  I was feeling great about myself until I got home and watched “YouTube” and saw some girls my size deadlifting 325… They scared me, I won’t lie.  I was telling Pirtle today that sometimes vision “worst case scenarios” in my head (not sure why, I just do) and I kept seeing some tv skit about a guy trying to deadlift and his arms popped right off his body.  Nearly 100% unlikely, but still, it makes ya wonder! 

          Matt had me do those bear crawl with dumbbells (mine are more like bear stomps) on the slide board next.  I had a really rough time the very first time I attempted these a week ago.  My hands and wrists are pretty little so a lot of stuff aggravates them quickly.  We did a little “fix” and padded my palms with lifting straps and the exercise went MUCH better. (Note to any of the clients who have to do these… USE THE STRAPS…) My third exercise was pull-ups.  I’m 5’8-ish and my legs make up 2/3 of my body.  And my arms are just as long and linky.  That’s a very big problem when it comes to some exercises, and pull-ups is one of them.  Anyone who knows anything about physics or biomechanics knows that the longer the lever, the more force needed to move it.  I’ve never been able to do a pull-up on my own in my life.  That’s one of my goals in the gym.  Today, we started step one towards that goal.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’m learning how to use my entire body to pull myself up (no, I’m not talking monkey swinging or that type they do in crossfit which looks like it’s going to snap your rotator cuff); the type where you tighten up your lats, your midsection, and even your hips to get your body up there.  I KINDA got up there… a time or two… I had reached MAJOR fatigue during my last set.  I had nothing to use… My back and arms were tired from pull-ups, my legs were helpless from deadlifts… I just hung there, immobile.  I have a lot of work to do on that one.

          After that, Pirtle was showing me the next thing I was going to do and I actually thought he had lost his mind.  He had mentioned that the week before he realized that we were going to kick up the intensity… As he was saying this, his eyes were getting really big and excited… Can’t say I had the same reaction.  Pretty much, we’re going to the phase of “insane”… That’s about as extreme as you can get (insert “worst case scenario vision”).  I know, and of course, being Matt, he reassured me that he’d never do anything to cause me physical harm.  I wasn’t worried about physical harm; I know that everything he’ll have me do is safe… I just question if I will be able to walk the next day without being REALLY sore.  Anyways, he had me do a pushup with each hand on a medicine ball and my feet on the slideboard.  Now, the catch is that I have to do horizontal abduction/adduction with my legs as I do the pushup.  After realizing that stabilizing on the ball wasn’t so bad, the exercise was easy.  But those medicine balls sure had me intimidated at first.

          The last thing we did was a reverse crunch on the stability ball using the Smith machine as balance.  Once I figured out what exactly I was doing, it was fine (the first set was really ugly… I was the perfect example as why position and form MUST be perfect). 

          I got in my cardio immediately afterwards and it sure wasn’t hard to keep my heart rate up.  The legs soon after let me know they were VERY tired.  It’s 9pm, my diet has been pretty good, I had a great workout day, and I’m hoping to head to bed here soon to catch up on that sleep I missed out on last night.

Until Tomorrow,
KIMBERLY (in case you forgot Pirtle), Emerge Fitness