It’s already Sunday.  My apologies for not keeping up to date on the blog… It always seems like summer time keeps me busier than normal, yet I always forget.  It’s been so crazy that it’s hard to remember all the way back to Thursday.  I did get a great deep tissue massage that night (Thanks Jen!) and found knots I’ve never had before.  It wasn’t an hour and a half of “relaxation” (it never is with a sports massage) but today, I feel wonderful (You’re sore a few days afterwards).

Friday, “seemed” like the typical workout day… Yes, it was hard, but not necessarily harder than the workout prior if that makes any sense.  We changed up a few things.  We did deadlifts using dumbbells on a bosu, and we did a few jumping exercises, oh yeah, and we sure hit the triceps.  I remember feeling pretty good after the workout because I did my interval sprints.  Anyways, yesterday (Saturday) I WAS SOOOO sore.  I’m good today, but yesterday it was hard to walk or lift my arms above my head!  It just shows how a little adjusting to a workout can throw a “knuckleball” to you.  In fact, I was so sore, all I could do yesterday was walk on the treadmill.

Diet has been remotely well.  I told Pirtle there wasn’t a cheat “meal” I was really craving, so I asked him if I could do cheat “snacks”.  My first was a DQ large vanilla cone (Friday night).  I thought maybe it would be about 300 calories… Then I made the mistake and looked AFTER I ate it instead of before, and it was 470 calories! 52g of Sugar!!! Well, I sure don’t crave those anymore.  On my defense though, the “large” I got was much smaller than the larges I’ve gotten in previous times. 

Yesterday, I went to a client’s house to hang out and barbeque.  I took over Chevy’s chips and salsa, but I only ate maybe 8-10 chips at the most (I stayed as far away from them as possible and drank TONS of water).  We had a green salad with a very healthy home-made dressing, grilled burgers (with mustard only), and then I had to have some of Mary’s Mac n Cheese.  That is a weakness for me.  Since I don’t cook, I don’t ever have to worry about eating it a lot.  I had maybe a cup of it total.  (It WAS yummy). As well as a little bit of fresh fruit, I was talked into trying a small (and I mean SMALL because I had to tell Pirtle b/c I can’t lie) piece of this very good chocolate cake… and I’m not normally a big fan of chocolate cake, but this was REALLY good.  It was the type that was really strong tasting so you only want a small piece.  And then they had those gourmet cupcakes from somewhere and I tried 1/6th of an orange creamsicle one.  Literally, 1/6; they cut it into 6 pieces.  After a small bag of popcorn late that night, that was my day.

I felt a little bad about my “cheat snack” turning into a little bit more, so today’s diet has been perfect.  I haven’t had dinner yet, but I can’t imagine it being anything off my diet.  I have a guilty conscious, what can I say.  That, and I have two new “roommates” (kittens) that watch everything I do, and when I’m fixing my food, they sit and stare at me.  It’s as if I have “menu monitors” watching what I’m eating.  I’m sure they are just looking for something tasty to snag, but either way, it helps me keep on my diet.

I have 2 ½ weeks until the 4th so I really need to stay on track.  Tomorrow is Monday, so it’s back to working out hard and working hard at eating well.

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness