Happy Monday everyone!  As I said in Sunday night’s post, I have about 19 days until July 4th so I’m kicking things up a notch.  I told Pirtle that besides the goal of fitting into those jeans, I wanted to have a goal to have a physique like Dara Torres.  For those of you who don’t remember, Dara is the 40 year old Olympic swimmer who is in AMAZING shape.  Of course she’s about 6ft tall, but that’s the body type I want.  I even posted a picture of her on my computer (I look at my computer more than my refrigerator).   I have to see it and it’s a reminder to stay focused on my goal.  I started this morning my getting in my sprint intervals for 40 minutes.  I was getting frustrated with my slacker radio because I’m the type who works out harder to “hard rock” and what they were playing on the “hard rock” station was some slow “blah” music.  My sprints felt really good!  I got up to 9.0 easily and no problems with my knee.  Lunch was my typical smoothie which works great for a post-workout meal as well.

Ok, so the first part of this blog was written during my afternoon break, BEFORE BOOTCAMP… NORMALLY, I get a good workout, but I survive… This time, I wasn’t so sure about the surviving part.  Of all days I could actually make it, it had to be CORE DAY, my least favorite and biggest weakness… 9 stations, ALL core specific… Oh dear…. Again, I found myself face down for about the full hour.  This is how tough it was… I would rather have done legs and deadlifts for an hour… I sweated from start to finish.  I started giving “looks” in the first 15 minutes, and Pirtle called me out on it.  Maybe I am becoming a “Sally” (pansy); maybe when I’m giving something I don’t like I give looks… Or MAYBE it was when Pirtle went over our 50 seconds and I’m doing an exercise for a minute and ten seconds! Not sure, take your pick.  All I know is after 40 minutes of sprint intervals this morning and an hour of bootcamp tonight ALL on about 1500-1600 calories, I BETTER FIT IN THOSE STUPID JEANS!!!!!  I have measurements on Wednesday… So we shall see… Until then, it’s 8pm… I had my dinner and now I’m headed to the showers, and then to bed…

Until tomorrow,

Kimberly, Emerge Fitness