Trading Places: My Butt still hurts… (Thursday, June 18th, 2009)

My Butt still hurts… Yep, it’s been that kind of day.  I’m sore all over… From my neck to my knees, he got it all.  I used today as one of my two “rest” days, because for 1, I hurt too much to move; 2, I have to do deadlifts tomorrow.  Diet was fine… I am looking forward to the weekend… I’m craving Red Robin… However, being that it’s Father’s Day, Sunday, dad will get to pick… Until then, red and yellow peppers… mmm mmm mmm (sarcasm here).  Training at 11am tomorrow

Note to everyone: Starting Wednesday, July 1st, I will be having a bootcamp every Wednesday at 6:30pm.  If you are interested please let me know!


Until tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness