Another Word From Matt P.

Sometimes, working out sucks.
In case anyone was wondering, there are occasional times when even a trainer hits the proverbial motivational speed bump (when it comes to working out and fitness in general).  The best way to make sure that it remains a speed bump and not  a huge brick wall is to change things up, sometimes substantially.
The only way to to do this, really, is not through a new supplement (95% are useless) or a training gimmick or a trip to the tanning salon.  It is about working harder, with higher intensity, and following that with pristine nutrition.  That is the fix. Period.
With that said, my training log and nutrition plan will be peridically posted to keep me thinking about it and to inform (and keep informed) anyone who is curious about it.
Monday June 22nd
Ball Chest Press–  135/12    185/12    235/12    275/8    305/5
Ball Kneeling Freemotion Fly–  9/12    11/12    12/12     12/12   12/12
One Db Incline Ball Press–  65/12    70/12   80/10   90/10
Freemotion Incline Chest Press– 10/12   12/12   13/12   13/12  
Freemotion Incline Chest Fly–  10/12   11/12   11/12
Catalyst- 1 serving post workout
Whey Protein Isolate– 3 servings (mid-morning/mid-afternoon/before bedtime) 50 grams
Core Plex– 1 serving at breakfast
Nutrition update coming soon…
Matt P.