Training Places: "I'm a sprinter not a marathon runner" (Monday, June 22nd, 2009)

Good lord, when will the aching end!!! I have worked out 7 of the past 8 days (Bootcamp and cardio last Monday, Cardio Tuesday, Train and cardio Wednesday, off Thursday, Train and cardio Friday, cardio Saturday, cardio Sunday- Yes, I went in last night and did 45 minutes of cardio while watching a movie on tv, and bootcamp tonight).  I’m ready for BED.  But first, I’ve realized my new challenge (among my other goals I want to hit).  Over the past 10 or so weeks, I’ve gotten stronger.  I knew growing up as a kid, I helped out with chores and I could do always do functional stuff that required lifting a lot of weight.  I had lost some of that during my “lazy days”, but after training, I noticed (as did Angie tonight) that I have greatly improved.  However, my strength is more of a power thing to me.  I am made up of fast twitch fibers, which means pretty much, “I’m a sprinter, not a marathon runner.” 

Some people who never train or run regularly can say, “I think I’m gonna go for a little run” and end up running for 3 or 4 miles.  I would have to train for weeks in order to do that… My body is not made to just “run”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to do it, in 100 meter or 30 second sprints, MAYBE one minute at the most.  Anymore than that, and I dread it.  I hate even running a mile.  I can’t pace myself.  I get to a super fast start and by four minutes, I’m cooked.  That’s why I always give this “uhhhhhh no” look when someone asks me to do a 5k run. No thank you.  Swimming these days is the same thing.  In college I was swimming a mile a day, but it took me 12 weeks to work up to that.  Now, I’m afraid after a hundred meters I’d be coming up for air. 

Tonight was no difference.  I have an easier time when I train with Matt and we are doing 10 reps, just busting out heavy weight.  It’s still hard, but I can recover.  Tonight’s bootcamp we did 10 or so different stations for 50 seconds each for three rounds and I thought my body was going to die.  By 30 seconds of each exercise I was waiting for Matt to say “stop” but nope, I had to pull out enough energy for 20 more seconds.  And it’s even more frustrating because I know what I can do in a training session yet here I am sucking air next to others who are going through it like the bootcamp is nothing.  I suck at endurance.  So, that is my new challenge.  I need to work on my endurance during bootcamp (Note this Matt, I said DURING BOOTCAMP… No freaking tire flip-jump-psycho sprints in this 90 degree weather.)    I know I will never have slow twitch fibers and a marathon will never be in my agenda, but I would like to leave a bootcamp not grasping for air.  I would also like to work up my endurance to get back to swimming a mile a day again, and I’m sure the bootcamps will help.  I just have to keep at it no matter how much Matt tries to kill my pecs (STILL TIGHT FROM LAST WEEK) or no matter how many dirty looks I have to give.  I just have to keep trucking it.    

Diet is fine, didn’t get my Red Robin this weekend though… For Father’s Day, dad picked where we ate… “Dad” wanted a SALAD… This is what I get for having parents who are losing weight as well. 

Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness