More and More From Matt P.

I want to pre-empt this next statement with an apology and I want to make understood that this statement is in no way a subtle way to compliment myself in any way.
I lose weight if I so much as look at a piece of cardio equipment.  For me, that sucks.
Now, as a responsible fitness professional, I really would be remiss in telling any client to avoid, completely, any structured aerobic exercise.
I just instructed myself to do that today after reaching a year and a half low in bodyweight at 191.
It’s time to eat more (no Kimberly, not necessarily large pizzas) CLEAN calories and design my own workouts to be more energy efficient (a great way of saying heavier weight with more rest, ha!)
With that said, Saturday’s workout:
Smith Front Squats: 70/10   110/10   130/10   150/8   160/8
Barbell Deadlifts:  185/10   255/10   305/8   325/8  375/3
Kettlebell Hamstring Extension: 44/10   74/10   74/10   74/12
Smith Calf Raises:  160/16   180/15   200/15   220/12   220/12
Updates on nutrition and the calorie upgrade coming soon….
Matt P.