It is Tuesday already… I have come to the conclusion that Monday night is very hard for me to blog.  By the time I get home from bootcamp at 7:30, eat dinner and shower, it’s 9-10 pm. 

Yesterday overall went pretty well.  My diet was great, I stayed up and moving the ENTIRE day, and it was a great bootcamp.  I’m not sure if it was because I felt strong during every exercise or if it was because I didn’t have to do a SINGLE stinking pushup… (I hate pushups if you haven’t been following).  There were even a few exercises last night that at first I was doubting if I could even do; I surprised myself and had no problem with them.  It just shows that strengthening your core in different ways will help you perform other exercises very well.  I felt great after bootcamp. 

Today is going to be a very basic day.  I have measurements tomorrow, so my diet is going to be very good and I will get in my cardio.  My best friend is flying into town Friday and we had made a deal/bet on my body fat measurements; and I hate to lose.  It’s going to be close but we will see tomorrow. 

I wanted to also remind everyone that I have a bootcamp starting tomorrow (Wednesday night) at 6:30.  Feel free to come try it!

ALSO: Emerge is now on Facebook!  Look us up and become a fan.  We will have additional photos, information, etc. on there. 


Until tomorrow,

Kimberly, Emerge Fitness