Trading Places: Happy 4th of July! (Thursday, July 2nd, 2009)

I’ve trained twice in the past 48 hours… I’m wiped.  I have measurements tomorrow and I’m REALLY hoping for my goal numbers.  I’ve worked REALLY hard and my diet has been really good.  I have been tempted many times this week due to the holiday weekend.  The advertisements of barbeque, and ice cream and cookies, have really gotten to me.  It’s a good thing that I have a daily reminder of why I’m working as hard as I am. 

Since bootcamp Monday night, I have felt very strong this week.  I feel like I have more energy and more power to get through my workouts.  Even today I was low on sleep and I pulled out one of my best workouts and my personal best weight at deadlift.  I FINALLY feel like my hard work is showing… I’ve known all along that it’s working but seeing it was another story.  My midsection and my arms have always been my nemesis since I can remember and I am seeing changes, big changes in them.  The funny thing is, the scale isn’t changing a whole lot… So I’m doing it right, I’m keeping my muscle and dropping body fat. 

I had a workout tonight that was very wide range.  I was able to start learning how to stand on a stability ball.  It’s a very SLOW process… I got up to one knee and one foot on the ball.  I felt pretty gutsy for a moment and I was going to try two feet, but then I remembered that I have a busy weekend and I don’t have time to go to the ER to fix my busted up face; maybe another day.  Next was deadlifts which were HUGE today!  I had so much adrenaline afterwards that Matt totally took advantage of it and made me do power plyo box jumps (which weren’t looking all too powerful) and these ridiculous swing things on the rings (see below). 

Matt's new exercise to kill me

Matt's new exercise: One hand Pendelum Swings... AKA, make Kim feel like a Monkey

After some running drills on the steps wearing the speed trainers; nothing like gaining 9 pounds on your hips and legs and then attempting to jump steps.  I came inside and finished a total body exercise and that was my session.  Of course, then came cardio.  We had my heart rate up so high during my workout, keeping my target heart rate on the elliptical was way too easy.

Deadlift 200lbs

Deadlift 200lbs

My dinner is over; I’m done with my water consumption for the night so I think it’s an early bedtime.  I had a great week in the gym and I hope that results in great measurements tomorrow.  I will be MIA Monday but I will return Tuesday.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!


Until Tuesday,
      Kimberly at Emerge