Trading Places: "I've Been Slacking… On My Blogs" (Tuesday, July 14th, 2009)

Well, it’s now Tuesday and I’m a little behind, my apologies.  I have been slacking; slacking with my blogging, not my workouts.  I had planned on blogging last night after bootcamp but I was so tired when I got home, it was just enough to shower and pass out in front of the tv to catch the homerun derby.  Fixing dinner even exerted too much energy at this point.

Last Thursday I ended up doing something to my knee (my knee went one way, I went another) so I had to downshift my workouts.  I’m not back to 100% with it, but it’s slowly getting better.  The positive thing is that this is my bad knee, so I’ve gotten REALLY good on knowing how to take care of it.  Matt worked around the knee during Friday’s session (and as I recall it was still a pretty intense one).  I got in light cardio (I couldn’t go all out, but I did make up for it by going twice as long) both Saturday and Sunday.  My diet went really well this weekend too.  I didn’t have my usual ice cream.  In fact, I only had one cheat meal which was a burger (no cheese) and some fries while watching the UFC fights.  Otherwise, I did a pretty good job.

My body weight fluctuates something horrible.  I know I hold a lot of water, because it’s the only way my weight can go up or down 3 lbs in 24 hours.  It does suck though.  Just when you think you are on a roll, the weight is up on the scale and frankly, it’s kind of depressing!  We decided to change up my diet and maybe it’ll shake things up a bit.  It’s pretty low carb in the afternoon, which is fine, because I’m not much of a carb eater (I don’t know how I got this way, I used to LOVE carbs).  And it contains a lot of chicken… Yes, I still hate chicken, but I hate it a lot less when it’s marinated in barbeque sauce. 

Yesterday (Monday) I did a little light cardio in the morning and attended last night’s bootcamp.  It was a tough one, however, I did find some enjoyment because Pirtle joined us and I heard him refer to 4 consecutive exercises as “hell” (they really were, but it was still great hearing him say it).  If he wasn’t working out and I had said it, I would have just gotten the “all for the cause” line; WHICH by the way, Angie had to say last night (great… it’s contagious). I’m a little sore today.  The knee is a little tight, but I altered some of the stuff last night (avoided jumping) to cater the knee.  I should be good to go by the end of the week. 

I’m dealing with horrible allergies today (gotta love St. Louis summers… Mold…ugh!) so doing light cardio today felt like sucking air through a coffee filter.  I’m wheezing on the treadmill and I look at my heart rate and it is 100 (should be 150)… I will just have to do more, after I can breathe a little better.

I have my training session with Matt tomorrow (Wed) morning at 9am.  I get another week before measurements since I’ve started this new menu plan.  It isn’t bad; I can definitely deal with it.  I don’t have any big events coming up to set as a goal date, but I still have a goal % I’d like to get to, and I’m still working at it.  I haven’t tried on the jeans in a while; it’s just been too hot to even try to wear jeans, so I just forget about them.  I guess I should put them out again so I have to look at them daily.  There’s no motivation better than an expensive price tag staring back at you as it is still attached to the jeans.

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness