Trading Places: Mid-week Update (Wednesday, July 15th, 2009)

Sooooo, yeah, Matt trained me today… I’m gonna be sore tomorrow, I’m just not exactly sure where and how much.  We did a lot (except chest, THANK GOODNESS).  The knee was feeling pretty good after last night’s cardio (yes, I kept my word and did about 45 minutes last night).  Since the knee was doing ok, we started off with squats today.  That neuromuscular stuff must really work because one week after doing my 1st set of squats in a year, I bumped it up by 40lbs.  I’m hoping that the knee continues to respond well and I can start lifting some serious weight (well, serious weight to me… I have long legs and no butt, so I can only work with what I have).  My ring plank row things sucked today.  I’m not sure why, I did them fine on Friday… They just weren’t pretty today (Pirtle concurred).  I don’t remember every exercise we did today, but I was pretty stoked to see my progress on my pull-ups.  I told Pirtle from day one that pull-ups are one of the main exercises I want to exceed on.  I hope I can do at least 5 full clean ones (no monkey swinging) by my Birthday in December.  I think that’s plenty of time.  If I beat that goal, then I’ll go for 10, but as of right now, I just want to do one!  Thanks to the parents and genetics, these long limbs are not my best friend when it comes to pull-ups.

My diet is going pretty good.  Some days I’m just not hungry and I don’t want to eat everything on my meal plan… Today, I could eat everything in my refrigerator (don’t worry Matt, I’m not).  Even being uber-hungry, I’m not craving the things I used to.  I used to want carbs; pasta, bread, chips, anything with sugar in it, pizza, fries, oooh, and chips and salsa.  I may see a commercial for one of these, and I may say “ooooh” but that’s about as far as it goes.  I usually forget about it by the next commercial is over.  This whole “eating for fuel, not fun” thing has set in.  The scale is still frustrating when I see it change every day between 1-3lbs.  But I know what’s going in my mouth, and how I’m burning calories.  I just have to hang in there.  Next training session is Friday, 9am…


Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness