I’ve now been back from vacation for a several weeks.  I had a wonderful time with my family in Destin and I maintained my weight loss.  Sometimes it takes a few days to a week to know the impact vacation has on your weight.  Bodies are funny, especially female bodies, as they tend to behave like a yo – yo, where the scale is concerned.  Anyway, it’s always reassuring to know that one can, in fact, travel/vacation, have a great time and not gain weight. 

Anyone interested as to how I managed to avoid gaining on vacation, I’ll give you a run down of some of the splurges I chose and what I did to counter act those splurges.  While on vacation I went to Shakee’s twice (Bopper sundae & cake batter concrete with pecans). I stuck with middle of the road as far as sizes are concerned.  I love the restaurant McGuires primarily because of their nachos.  I ordered the nachos for dinner one evening.  These nachos are about 8 layers deep, no exaggeration, so I couldn’t finish them, but I made a huge dent.  Remember I am a “bulk” eater so you can imagine the size of this plate of nachos if I couldn’t finish them.  Since I love breakfast, we hit Fudpuckers for brunch one morning and I did get my moneys worth. We hit Outback one night and I also indulged in my share of the Bloomin Onion before my steak.  I love seafood, so we did seafood a couple of nights.  Generally, we ate breakfast and lunch in. I hit the grocery store shortly after we arrived and stocked up on fruit. Nobody ever got fat on fruit, so I indulged frequently.  Breakfast was either multi-grain English muffins or cereal and lunch was usually turkey sandwiches, maybe subway.  I had microwave popcorn when I wanted something crunchy.

For me making room for splurges is a continual trade-off. When I order a potato, I order a sweet potato rather than baked, cut a third off and remove the mountain of butter off the top, never loaded. I never order creamy base salad dressings.  If not low or fat free, I order vinegar and oil based dressings on the side. I always order first so that I avoid the “me too” syndrome when somebody before me orders something high in fat and calories. All the little extras and sides add up.

Of course, most important to my success in maintaining my weight loss on vacation was exercise. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking that because you exercise that “anything goes” with your diet.  My daughters and I ran a few times while we were there.  It got hot early, so we ran early.  We never ran more than an hour and the first full day we were there, we kept it at a 40 minute run to get acclimated to the Florida heat. There were plenty of walkers runners and bikers, so lots of reminders that vacation does not equate to inactivity in order to get a well deserved get away.  Like most places, there was a small work out room, so I did do a 30 minute elliptical workout a couple of times.

As I mentioned, all this was a few weeks back and now I’m just trying to stay patient while these last couple of pounds to my goal weight hold like concrete.  Of course, the closer you get to your ideal weight the harder it is to lose the pounds.  It seems as if everything you put in your mouth shows up on the scale.  Honestly, I’ve gotten a little lazy with keeping my food journal and something tells me that staying on top of my food journal will get me to my goal a lot faster. Matthew pretty much confirmed that with me when we trained yesterday.  Journaling really isn’t as time consuming as I’ve tried to tell myself lately.  I know the caloric value of most of the foods I eat most of the time because I’ve been keeping track for awhile. It’s so easy to not see when we get careless with our eating or slack on our workouts.  These are the behaviors that shut down progress and keep us from our goals.  I for one have worked hard and feel too good not to do everything I can to get to my goal and to stay there. Good or bad, the great thing about working with a PT is that, we are confronted with the realities of what we need to do to have weight loss success & fitness every time we meet.

Beth Pirtle