Healthy Food for Thought: Recipes wanted!

Raise of hands, how many of you are tired of eating the basic lean meat, veggies, and a complex carb meal after meal?  You know it’s good for you, yet you are ready for a change of taste.  Maybe you have a fantastic healty recipe that you would like to share with others?  Nutrition-diet is a key component in not only body fat loss, but muscle gain.  I’d like to do my part by posting healthy recipes submitted by not only clients,but staff, friends, family, anyone!  They can be for any meal, as well as snacks.  If they include nutritional information, even better!  If not, I can calculate it for you.  Just send your recipes by message via facebook or you can email them directly to me at  I hope to begin posting this Wednesday! 
Kimberly- Emerge Fitness Staff