Tonight at 6:30! Orientation for 5k, Half Marathon, and Marathon Training Starts August 3rd

Tonight at 6:30!
Jackie Pirtle Hall, runner of several half and full marathons all over the country, including 2nd place in the 2009 St. Louis Marathon and 5th place in the 2008 New Orleans Marathon, will host orientation for the upcoming 12 week running preparation program.  The program, which includes a 12 week running schedule, weekly runs with a running leader, and weekly core conditioning classes, will be assisted by Jackie’s mother Beth (experienced personal trainer, 2004 St. Louis Marathon and several half marathons) and her sister Jerren (veteran Weight Watcher Leader,3 St. Louis 1/2 Marathons).  The orientation is August 3rd at the main Emerge Studio, 3551 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Suite 204 (Remington Plaza next to Swing-a-Round putt-putt).  Call 636-399-6748 or 636-925-1222 for details and to register.