Trading Places: Classy Support System… (Tuesday, July 21, 2009)

Tuesdays greetings everyone! Again, I apologize for sporadic blogs, I was planning on writing last night, but frankly, I was too tired after bootcamp.  I should just do blogs early on Monday and then plan for a Tuesday one.  If you’ve ever attended one of Matt and Angie’s classes, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I came into Monday promising myself that after my snacking went to crap over the weekend (meals were good, snacks were BAD), that I would make up for it by going all out this week.  So far, I have kept my word.  I ended up getting in my 30 minutes of high intensity cardio Monday morning, 30 minutes of bike riding, then bootcamp that night.  Today, I got in my 30 minutes of high intensity cardio and I plan to go back this afternoon for another 30 minutes of lighter cardio. 

I took a minor hiatus on what my goals were that I was looking to achieve.  I lost sight of the important things.  Lately, I had been more focused on my clients’ goals and I pushed mine to the side.  I had become a little discouraged with myself.  Luckily, I have quite the support system that helps me get “back in the saddle”.

Everyone needs someone to lean on; someone to keep them on the right track.  In the weight loss world, it’s the same thing.  Support systems can come from friends, family, co -workers.  Some people who don’t have the support come to us trainers for just that; they want someone to keep them accountable, to keep them motivated.  I must say that I’m a pretty lucky girl that I have it from all spectrums.  Both of my parents have been on the healthy lifestyle road for the past year.  My mom more so than my dad, but they are both trying.  They have lost ridiculous amounts of weight, and even though my mother refuses to weigh herself, she’s slowly getting into my clothes (she will rub it in when she says my jeans are too big).  When I go out to eat with them, I’m not sure if we motivate or guilt each other into ordering healthy.  Either way, we all end up eating better than we would have. 

Work is the same way.  I may pay Matt to kill me twice a week, but the entire staff has a way of keeping me going.  I can count on Matt to check in all week to see how I’m feeling, how’s my diet and I know he reads my blogs and keeps track of me.  I figure it’s a good trade since me limping around with sore glutes or hamstrings provide the staff with entertainment.  Beth and Jodi also train with Matt, so I know I can get empathy from them, as we give each other the “that totally sucks, I completely understand” looks.  Beth and Jodi are in A-Mazing shape, and it’s definitely motivating for me to try to keep up with them.  They work so hard and their results definitely pay off.  Sometimes Angie gets to sneak in a workout while I’m at the gym, and the girl can lift some SERIOUS weight.  There’s been a time or two I’ll see her grab a heavy barbell or dumbbell and fling it around like it’s two pounds.  I definitely give mad props to her.  And compliments from her about a weight I’m lifting is always awesome to hear.  I’m a pretty modest girl who doesn’t like to shout to the world how much I’m lifting, so for her to notice, means a lot.  I’m seriously glad I have Debi to count on for bootcamp.  There are days where I am tired and could bypass going to bootcamp, but I know I’d get an ear full from not only Matt and Angie, but also Debi if I left her hanging (as I have done to her).  It’s definitely a positive push when I know she’s in class with me.  She’s always a happy thing, but give her a workout and she’ll blow through it like a beast.  My goal at bootcamp is just to keep up with her!  I can always count on Adam and Jason for those “good luck” looks as I’m about to go train with Matt.  I’m sure that I’m entertaining swinging from those rings like a monkey, but I know they feel for me. 

I couldn’t ask for a better work place-workout place.  There’s never any “catty-ness” or “mean competitiveness”.  Everyone is truly classy and genuine.  I hope that’s how all of the clients of ours see the staff at Emerge.  I hope that they know that we aren’t about ourselves, we are there for them.  We are there to support, motivate and push you when you need that extra push.  We understand that each person has a different goal.  Not everyone wants to lift the heaviest or be the skinniest, everyone just wants to be a better person, physically.  That is what I too, as a client, am working on as well.  I don’t care to be compared to someone else, I don’t want to look or be like anyone else.  I don’t expect any of my clients to have my goals or do what I do in the gym.  No one else will be wearing my jeans, so I wouldn’t know why they would want to try to fit into them J (Oh yes, I am in them, buttoned, zipped, and I can sit down… It’s just not all too comfortable).  Measurements tomorrow (I think), and I WILL be in those jeans no problem by the end of this month… That is MY goal.