Trading Places: Chicken…. (Thursday, July 23rd, 2009)

Man, I hate chicken… After about 2 weeks, I’m burnt out.  I’ve gone from BBQ chicken breasts to KFC grilled chicken (which is good, but getting old), and now I’m to eating rotisserie chicken… As I eat it, I can only help to think “Pretend it’s a Red Robin burger…”  If that was the case, then everything really would “taste like chicken.”

I had my measurements taken Wednesday morning.  I’ve come to learn stressing about them doesn’t help whatsoever, because it didn’t help me drop weight or body fat for that matter.  A VERY frustrating day… I’m eating very well thru the week and most of the time on the weekend and I am keeping up with my cardio and I strength train 3x a week… I’m just at a point where I’m completely lost at what to do and frustrated because we can’t find an answer… It’s as if my body is saying “ok, you hit 136, now you’re done… No more weight loss for you, and IN FACT we’re gonna mess with you a little bit and put 3 lbs of junk on you every couple of days.  Talk about stressful!

We’ve decided to keep this diet going 24/7 for a few weeks.  And it’s pretty strict.  And I’m dealing with this mental battle because I used to find enjoyment in eating, and now, it’s so hard to make myself eat because it’s no fun anymore.  I could easily bypass dinner just because I’d rather not eat than stare at “blah” food… Ha, surprised hearing this from a trainer?  Well, we are human, and anyone who says they could do this 24/7 is blowing smoke up your butt.  I would never tell anyone not to eat… And trying to practice what I preach, I do choke the stuff down.  I just try to keep myself busy so I don’t have time to ponder on it… I just try to eat fast and go.  There are definitely ways to changing up your meals, but since I fix food for one, to be economically savvy and not wasteful, whatever I fix, I end up eating for 4-5 days… 5lbs of chicken lasted me almost 2 weeks… 2 weeks of BBQ chicken is enough to make a person senile.  And the big kicker; red meat once a week… That’s like asking a drug addict to cut back to once a week… By day 7, it could get ugly. 

I’m logging EVERYTHING I eat and drink on my Blackberry for Matt… So if you see me in the gym on my phone, more than likely, I’m not texting (no one dares to talk to me when I’m grouchy); I’m probably inputting what I had just eaten or drunk (yep, I have to do H20 intake as well). 

I’ve started to notice that this weight/scale obsession has started to take over my life.  I nixed plans to go “jeeping” with a friend back home in Illinois because I was afraid I would be off of my diet and I wouldn’t get my cardio in.  I also was told by my mom to “chill out” after some comment I said (normally she never says anything).  I’m hoping to avoid the scale for about a week and see if that helps get rid of the anxiety I start to feel when I get on the thing.  I just need to do what I tell some of my clients who are freaking out “Calm your S*#%”… That or I was told by one of Pirtle’s clients today that I just need to take a bubble bath to relax (Thanks Scott), haha.

Yesterday’s kettlebell workout was a pretty rough one (I hate those things), so I was pretty quiet during the hour (some get loud, I get silent).  Matt mentioned tomorrow’s (Friday) will be the entire hour and it’s going to be a rough one.  Maybe it’s something I need, just another total ass-whipping to alleviate some of this stress.  At least it’ll burn a few calories. 

I have to head back to Emerge this afternoon and get in my 30 minutes of high intensity cardio… If I can fit my bike in my car, I may head down to the Katy Trail… Today may be one of those days where I could definitely get some fresh air.
Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge