Trading Places: The legs still work (Tuesday, July 28th,2009)

I woke up this morning just praying that I could walk… Luckily I could, I just felt like I had sandbags attached to my legs.  As for sleeping, I was OUT last night.  Generally I never have a problem sleeping Monday nights.  I figured since I was up and mobile, I may as well go get in my cardio.  I got in 20 minutes of sprint intervals (not nearly my fastest capacity, but I did what my legs would allow me to do) and finished with 10 minutes of walking at an incline on the treadmill. 

As for my diet, I’m sticking to it really well, but my appetite is going CRAZY.  I could seriously put down some major food… but I don’t… I just nosh on my yummy chicken (insert sarcasm).  Actually, I must admit, rotisserie chicken isn’t so bad.  I can do it.  I’m lucky mom loves to can fresh garden green beans so I have a endless supply of those.  (My trade off for helping them lose weight). 

I got in another 30 minutes on the bike at Emerge this afternoon since I had some time to kill and another 20 minutes of casual walking when I was done training a client.  She needed to do her cardio and I thought she may want some company.  Besides, if I didn’t do it, I would have just come home and sat around.

Tomorrow I train with Matt at 9am, and I can only assume it will go better than my 7am fiasco… I still don’t remember that workout.  I found out I have a wedding coming up in September where I will be seeing a lot of friends I grew up with that I haven’t seen in years.  I have to buy something to wear for it (if you looked in my closet, I don’t own dress clothes or dress shoes… I work in a gym 5-6 days a week) So, I figure that my goal will be to keep slimming down so I can buy a stupid dress for this thing.  And maybe heels, but I have to learn to walk in them (I haven’t tried walking in heels since my knee injury 3 years ago).  I’m sure I will have some other type of reward than just the “stupid dress” because frankly, that’s not much of a “Woo hoo” kinda thing, ya know?

Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness