Trading Places: Tylenol, Advil, be on standby (Friday, July 31st, 2009)

Just put me out of my misery…  I seriously feel like someone beat the living snot out of me.  Yesterday my legs were dead, the back was sore and my triceps began to hurt like no other.  So of course, what do I do, 50 minutes of cardio.  I knew I was going to the Cardinals game last night so JUST in case I was to slip a bit on my diet, I did a little extra to make up for it.  To keep my legs working I changed machines every 10 minutes and jumped from one to another.  I stuck with my diet perfectly until I left for the game… Oh, the game…

I got there a little early so I walked from the parking garage where I always keep my car, 3 blocks to Max and Erma’s restaurant.  After meeting up with friends, we walked ALL the way back to the stadium.  We had club seats so we had to go up.  Of course, I took the stairs (and I got a lot of crap about that too).  I did VERY well on my diet there.  About midway into the game, a friend and I went to find me something to eat (It was amusing when my friend Jared said “You’re going to make me take the stairs, aren’t you).  He willingly did and I got a hotdog with just the basic condiments on it.  I must have been starving because it was gone before we got back to our seats.  After all of the walking and cardio I did during the day, my body started getting pretty run down and I could tell my blood sugar was a little low by the 8th inning.  I went to get another hotdog they were closing up, so I had to settle with a pretzel (again, I have no idea how it tasted, it was eaten quite quickly).  I was VERY tempted in the club rooms with the food that was around me.  One of the rooms had EVERY type of food on the menu.  As I was talking to a friend of the family, all I could do was stare at the cheesecake he was eating.  Then another friend came up eating a pork sandwich, chocolate cake, and cookies… I was TOTALLY being tested.  I got away from that food as fast as I could.  I won’t lie though; I was THISCLOSE to nabbing one of those oatmeal raisin cookies, BUT I didn’t.  As for beverages, I did water the entire time, and a LOT of it.  I got home around midnight, ate a protein bar and called it a night.

I woke up at 7am this morning with the most ridiculous tricep soreness I’ve had in a LONNNG time.  The traps in my lower neck and back weren’t any better, and just forget about the legs.  I couldn’t even decide if they were sore or not because they are just either that numb or dead, can’t tell the difference. 

I believe in our session, I used the word “shot” to discuss my triceps and “dead” to mention the rest of my body.  And what do we start with; power cleans.  I’ve never flipped a bar or jumped something so much during a workout.  I was a lifeless body that somehow moved for a solid hour (and a half if you count cardio immediately after).  Let’s just say it was a rough workout week.  Tomorrow I am taking the day off of cardio… I’m on day 14 or 15 of continuous workouts/cardio and my body so I’m due for a rest.  I may do some walking or staying active, but nothing intense.  At this moment, I’m thinking if I can get my body off of my couch tomorrow to even fix breakfast, I will consider it a success.  Tylenol, Advil, be on standby because I will need you about ever 4-6 hours; That bubble bath I was advised to take last week may happen this weekend; except minus the bubbles and add LOTS of Epsom salt.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until Monday,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness