Trading Places: Back to cardio (Wednesday, August 12, 2009)

Take note: 4 hours of sleep in NOT recommended for a training session.  It was rough today.  For one, I was training on 4 hours of sleep, but 2, my hiatus of “no cardio” was no over.  I had measurements today as well, and I was only hoping that my week away did more good than harm. 

Good news, it did.  I ended up being almost 3lbs down from a week ago, and I was down 1% body fat.  I noticed since last Thursday that my body had felt differently, better.  I feel like I may not be “lighter”, but I’m looking “leaner” and trust me, I’m ok with that!  Seeing the major difference is also a motivator to stay away from the ice cream (remember, I didn’t do Doozles this weekend).  I think cutting out all refined sugars is only going to help me.  During the week, this isn’t tough; it was just the weekends that kill me.  I have a lot of “events” coming up in the next few months so continuing to stay focused on a weight loss goal continues. 

So my workout was rough.  We started with power cleans.  I think that took most of the energy out of my legs (note, the workout is still a little fuzzy to me).  I remember doing this squats and front raises on a step and then “ladder drills” of bench press and pull-ups, oh yeah, that one was tough.  I remember telling Matt, “Please don’t make me do anymore of those!” (we were done luckily).  And then we finished with kettlebell snatches with squats.  I must have kept the core tight during this entire session because my abs are killing me.  That and I got my second ab “cramp” ever.  They suck. 

So my workout was over, time for cardio.  Matt did say to “ease” into it.  Good thing because I was walking on the treadmill and I started to nod off… Doing something as repetitive as cardio when you’re exhausted is rough.  After that I foam rolled, and headed home.  I’ve decided to boost the time and days I foam roll.  I know that’s a huge reason why my legs were so heavy and tight.  It’s something so little that I rarely do, but can make such a difference. 

Instead of training with Matt on Friday, I’m going to go to the morning core class at 8am (ugh, I know).  Wish me luck; we know how morning workouts work for me.

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness