Trading Places: Allergies gone, I'm back (Wednesday, November 4th, 2009)

It’s official, I am BACK at it. Ok, so I never quit training with Matt, but all cardio, bootcamps, and diet went on hiatus for a little while.  Guilty as charged.  And yes, Matt knows.  My allergies have NEVER been as bad as they had this year.  THANKFULLY, my “allergy season” is over; which means getting back into it and at 100%.  I have 42 days until my 27th Birthday and I’m going to be wearing those darn jeans!  Ok, not on my Birthday, since I will be working, but BY my birthday. 
My “get back in the game” started a week ago, when Pirtle flat out told me that Thursday, I WAS doing cardio and Friday I WAS going to the morning bootcamp.  So, Thursday I went in and did my cardio and Friday, at 8am I was at bootcamp.  I wasn’t speaking, but I was there physically.  It was a good/bad workout.  I liked the fact that we are going heavier weight, shorter time.  I feel like I can be a hundred times more effective in short periods of time with more weight than I can be for the full minute we were doing.  The only bad thing was that my shoulders were still incredibly sore from Wednesday’s workout, so anything shoulder related was not going so well; otherwise, GREAT workout.  Saturday morning I hadn’t decided if I was going to do cardio or lift, but since I didn’t get to Emerge until 10:15 and the Iowa Hawkeye game started at 11am on ESPN (yes, I am a Hawkeye fan), I opted for a quick weight session.
Sunday: Day off.  I watched the Rams WIN (Congrats to them!), and I got in some house cleaning.
Monday: I got in some morning cardio (30 minutes) and then I went to bootcamp that night.  (Tough, but great!)
Tuesday: I thought I had the flu coming on that morning (minus the fever) so I popped all of my vitamins, Airborne, and Zinc tablets and drank ridiculous amounts of water.  I got some rest, and woke up this morning 100%.  SO> No cardio, however, if this day prevented any sort of illness, I’m COMPLETELY ok with it.
Wednesday: Workout from hell with Matt.  I cannot for the life of me beat my max on bench press.  I’m stuck… I’m going to have to work on that and my shoulders on Saturdays, because after that we hit the rings, and I’ve never in my life felt like such a weenie in my life. I kid you not; the strength ratio from my legs to my upper body is about 4:1.  Lucky me, got to use ALL three of our new “toys” today.  I actually like all of them, just not in sequential order… The bounder thingie, we got from the Rams training facility, kicked my butt… LITERALLY.  I have never in my life felt the burn in my glues like I did on that thing.  By the time we finished I was jumping around with the biggest cramp in my butt.  But I would do that thing every day to replace jumping on the plyo boxes.  My knees felt GREAT on the bounder because there was no impact.  However, my quads and glutes will be hurting in the morning, I GUARANTEE it.  But that may be my new favorite exercise… “This burns so badly, I LOVE IT!”  Yeah, we trainers are janked in the head like that.
          50 minutes of high intensity of cardio and my Wednesday workout was complete.
My diet is going to be the tough part.  I’m back to that point again where I can’t stand the sight of chicken.  My cats got the biggest portion of the last rotisserie chicken I bought.  Blech… Chicken.  So now I REALLY need to find alternate sources of protein that don’t make me want to run for the Border (yes, I like Taco Bell, among other bad places to eat).  I’m not a big “fish” eater, so we will see what I come up with.  By the time I get home at night, I’m not in much of a cooking mood, so generally it’s soup.  I have to cut back on the sodium, I looked like a sponge Monday night at bootcamp.
          Tomorrow is simply a cardio day (if I can walk), and Friday 8am is bootcamp.  Due to keeping my journal going and keeping my sanity during the holiday season, I’m only planning on writing on the days I train or do bootcamps. 
          I hope you readers who have fallen off of the wagon or have been slacking jump on the bandwagon with me and get back into it before the “resolution-eers” do in January.  Just remember, a lot of photos are taken this time of year!
Until Friday,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness