Trading Places: 20 seconds= TOTAL difference (Monday, November 9th, 2009)

Happy Monday everyone!
Weekend recap: Survived bootcamp… It was great to see Todd and Shannon Johnson back from Buffalo! Shannon is 3 weeks from her due date and she STILL kicked some butt in bootcamp! If that’s not motivation for us “non-pregnant people” I don’t know what is!
Saturday morning I got in a pretty good hour full body strength training workout.  I wanted to work on my deadlift and bench press forms, so I didn’t do anything heavy, but plenty to get my heart rate and a good sweat going.
Sunday was my “day off”…
Monday, I got in 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill (I couldn’t do anything too intense, I had just gotten adjusted right before) then tonight, I went to bootcamp.
Ya know, about that bootcamp… It varies every day… And now we are going through 40 second stations instead of 60 seconds. You wouldn’t think “Oh, it’s only 20 seconds, it can’t be that much of a difference”… Oh, but yes… Yes, it can! Here’s what I figured out
Each bootcamp has an average of 10 stations. So if you take those additional 20 seconds from each station, that’s 200 seconds.  AND we usually go thru the whole thing three times.  So that means 600 seconds have been cut from the workout, which breaks down into 10 FULL minutes of solid working out.  That’s huge!  No wonder I can get through an entire round without running for oxygen! 
I’m not saying that the workouts are any easier, by any means.  The weights have gone up, the intensity has been kicked up a notch and the level of difficulty has definately increased.  But TRUST ME, I’m ok with getting my butt kicked for 40 seconds instead of 60.  My lungs thank you, Matt and Angie, however I will let you know about my muscles tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is cardio, Wednesday is workout with Matt…
Until Wednesday,
Kimberly at Emerge