Trading Places: What a week! (Friday, November 13, 2009)

Oops, I forgot to post Wednesday.  Need I say more about how my week has been!
Let me rewind a bit:
Wednesday, Matt killed me.  Need I say more? 
Matt was so gung-ho on me PR’ing on bench press, so guess what I got to do FIRST THING! And for some reason (which I’m starting to find out why) I hate chest exercises.  I hate pushups, I hate chest presses, I hate flys.  If it’s anything “involving the chest” I will not whine, I will not complain, but I will growl, curse, and more than likely, roll my eyes.  BUT I will do it.  And I did it… It wasn’t pretty WHATSOEVER, but I did PR.  I think Pirtle was more excited than I was about it… I was just glad that my arms didn’t fall off, because at one moment, it felt possible. 
I had to do eccentric squats on the Smith Machine.. Good times… So much fun you’ll want to do them too… Don’t ask Matt what they are, just tell him you want to do some, he’ll be thrilled!  The term “red neck” has been taken into a whole different direction. 
Oh, but not as much fun as these burpee-power cleans he made me do.  I hate burpees, ALMOST as much as pushups, but this exercise was so rough that the burpees was the easiest part.  Yup, classify this exercise into “tough and sucky” (I will be making my clients do this in the future, no worries 🙂  ) I had NO energy by this point.  Holding the barbell with weight was a big enough workout.
Oh and of course lucky me got to finish with single arm-kettle bell situp/getup thingies.  AND PUSHUPS.  Ya know how in sports, when you know an opponent has an injury/weakness, and so of course what you do is aim for that injury or weakness and bring them down? Me=weak opponent… Pirtle=person targeting the weakness.  The situps weren’t bad other than having no strength to hold my arm up.  The pushups=UGGGGGGGLY! He won, I lost.  I was face down on the floor after the hour.  Matt wins another.. Score 0 for the skirt.
30 minutes of cardio and my Wednesday workout was DONE.
Thursday: VERY busy day, so I didn’t get in “official cardio”  However I was nonstop moving for about 12-14 hours. 
Friday:  I made it to bootcamp after picking Matt(W) from the airport at the crack of dawn.  TIIIIIIRED. But I went.  And I survived.  And the 40 seconds was a blessing today especially.  60 seconds may have caused a walkout after the 1st round.  (not really, I don’t think I could do that, but I would have definately not made it.)  I’m not sore from Wednesday, but the body just isn’t moving so quickly.  A lot of core work today, the abs are still tight.
And of course, when Wirth is in town, I never get to sit, so I have been on my feet since 6am and walked all over half of metro St. Louis.  (It’s only 5pm, I’m sure more walking will come later…)
I expect nothing different for the rest of the weekend, so I hope to be about 3lbs down from last measurements, and that’s counting if all of my limbs are still in tact.
Have a great weekend!
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness.